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  1. Windsblow

    GCU Spring 12 Hopefuls!!!!!

    My GPA was 3.96 and my TEAS scores were in the 80's. They use it all but I don't know the formula. I can give you this tip though. Talk to ---- and ------ during the Acceptance program often ask lots of questions and be very involved. If you act like you are involved and serious about the program it helps. It seems that a lot of the decision making is subjective.
  2. Windsblow

    GCU Spring 12 Hopefuls!!!!!

    I got my acceptance letter a couple of days back so that cool. I am in the AT steeles fast track. Anyone else out there on the fastrack for spring? What were peoples TEAS and GPA's if I could be so nosey?
  3. Windsblow

    GCU Spring 12 Hopefuls!!!!!

    i am in the same exact boat. i am taking hcr 240 at rio i am also taking ethics and nurs. 207. i will be going to the a.t. steels campus for my bsn. let me ask you. which teacher do you have for patho? how are you doing in that class? seems like a ridiculous amount of information to learn in 8 weeks. i think i might be getting my first c. i ment to be at gcu this semester for the on ground course but it fell through so i had to do it on line. let me know how it going for you because i can't get my professor (sue) to tell me much of anything about this course.
  4. Windsblow

    Grand Canyon University

    If you come in with a 3.7 or higher they will basically cut your tuition in half. It comes out to be about 4500 a semester which is about 25K for the whole BSN course. That is about half of what my other colleges I am applying to will cost. It's a great deal but you must maintain a 3.5 or 3.6 on order to keep it. I will be applying soon for the Fall Semester and hope I get in. I would love to see what non-degree holding applicants had ( TEAS/GPA) when they got accepted.
  5. Windsblow

    <Information about Touro Nevada>

    Are you talking about the Nov 11 semester? How are they reviewing and making waitlist when the deadline for apps. isn't for almost 7 month? If you were waitlisted what kinda of GPA did you have and what was your teas score? if you don't mind me asking. I am just wondering if they have a formula or something if they can already waitlist people if they probably haven't received many app. since many apps. will be contigient on this coming spring semester credits.
  6. Windsblow

    <Information about Touro Nevada>

    I am looking to apply to Touro for the session starting after this spring semester. I would love to see what the scores and numbers that people had that got into the BSN program. Just trying to figure out what I need to be competitive.