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  1. M610

    wwyd, job choice

    My husbands schedule is set for a year at least, probably longer. Once or twice a month i might need to work yhe same days he does and then my mon will watch them at our house over night.
  2. M610

    wwyd, job choice

    So I thought i had my new job picked out, then i got another offer. About me. Twin boys are 5, youngest is 2. Hubby is a fire fighter works 24hours on 48 hours off. Job 1 M-F 8am-4pm, occasional 1/2 saturday , 2 year old would need daycare 2-3.5 days a week. Twins would need before/ after school care 2-4 days per week. Average weekly childcare cost. $120. Hourly pay, $29 Job 2 , 3 12 hour shifts per week. Every third weekend. 7P-7am. Self scheduling . 2 year old would need 1 day per week $30, No before/after care needed. Hourly pay $32. Issues to think about. Preschool for the LO next year, if i work m-f how would he get there. DH works 24 hours on 48 hours off. Snow days, sick calls from school. After school activities. Wwyd??
  3. Thanks for all.of the opinions. Im accepting the clinic.job tomorrow!! My start date will be Aug, 4th.
  4. I have a problem. I have 2 job offers. So that in it self isn't the problem. Job #1 is a hospital position 3 12 hour shifts 7a-730p Job #2 is a clinic position M-F 8am-4pm Pay is lower in the clinic, but comes out to only be a $55 per pay period difference. My husband is a fire fighter and work 24 hours on 48 off. I have twins that are starting Kindergarten this year and my youngest is going to be 2 next month. I would LOVE to take the 3 12s just for the extra days off, but the daycare schedule is crazy. The M-F position still has a crazy daycare schedule, but the hours are better for daycare. (however I will be paying more for daycare) WWYD??
  5. M610

    dress pants with danskos

    My new supervisor position requires business dress and a. Scrub jacket. Do any of you also wear your danskos?
  6. M610

    dress pants with danskos

    My new supervisor position requires business dress and a. Scrub jacket. Do any of you also wear your danskos?
  7. Im contemplating going to night shift 7p-7a. My twins are now in pre-k 8am_2pm M-F and my 19month old goes to a home daycare when needed. During the summer the older two will go to home daycare as well. Hubby works 24 hours on 48 off and if his shift falls on Friday he is off. I would be able to self schedule. Im hoping it would give me more time at home. How has or hasn't it workes out for you?
  8. M610

    Resident Care Coordinator

    I know this an old thread, but how do/did you like the job? I had my second interview and was told to expext on offer.
  9. What books did you use for these two exams?
  10. I downloaded the study guides for the first two tests. I'm a bit overwhelmed and am not really sure where to start. Has anyone has sucess using studygroup101? How did you start studying. I'm sure once I get through the first test, I will figure out what works for me, but for now I'm confused. Do I print everything out and make a notebook? Help!!!! Any tips would be greatly appericated! Also, how long did you give yourself to study for these two tests? Maggie
  11. What did you purchase to study for these 2 tests? The Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety & the Transitions to the Registered Professional Nurse. I'm hoping to take one by the end of Jan. and the other by mid Fed. Also, is it realistic to attempt to take one nursing exam every month? I work 3 -12 hour day shifts a week and have 20 month old twins, plus a husband with a busy schedule.
  12. OSUFAN1 - I just got my review back yesterday and have basically the exact same classes to take. Have you started yet? I'm planning on taking the Humanities, Humanities Core, Info Lit, and Life Span at my local community college (online if they have any openings spring and summer semester). I'm going to try and take my A&P and Micro with excelsior just because I don't have time for the classes and labs. What are you planning to take (or what have you already taken) with excelsior)