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  1. wesside1975

    Home Health Pay Rate Richmond VA

    supervisory visit in neighborhood of 40 open a case/SOC visits, readmit visit (visit following a client's hospitalization) 85-90 RN hourly wage visits neighborhood of 28-31.50 hr I work for a pediatric agency in Wash DC hope this helps
  2. wesside1975

    Just got called to interview for PACU new grad position

    Hey I am interviewing for a new grad position in the PACU next week. Can you tell me the questions that were asked in the interview? I have a difficult time interviewing and this is a great opportunity. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. wesside1975

    interview at Providence hospital

    I have an interview at Providence in DC next week. This is an excellent opportunity because its close to the field I wish to get into and is only a couple miles from where I live. Has anyone had experience with interviews at this hospital? Can you tell me what they may ask or any other tips. I am a new grad and have flunked around 4 interviews at this point. I am really shy which gets in the way of me showing my many great qualities.
  4. wesside1975

    New nurse...hate my job...don't know what to do

    Think of how you felt everyday while you were looking for work. Do you feel better now? If not quit the job and look for another. I wish I could find a job, its been since May 2010.