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  1. xoxjedixox - For the Accelerated bachelors program they had over 300 applicants for the May 2011 start date. They have 56 spots available for each semester. Since this is a second degree program, it is not a degree that the undergrads at UR can declare. Hope this helps and good luck.
  2. Hy everyone - Congratulations to everyone who has gotten acceptance letters! I never got a call, but my mailbox had a big white envelope in it today! So excited!! Big relief. I was really beginning to get worried.
  3. No call yet for me I wonder how long it takes to call 56 people and tell them they have been accepted! My interviewer even said she was going to put in a positive recommendation.
  4. Hi everyone - Just found out that there were over 300 applicants for the 56 spots available for the May 2011 ABNNP. Yikes!!!
  5. @obiobio - I submitted my application on the deadline (Nov. 1st). Thanks!
  6. @samianquazi - I just heard from the UR nursing program to schedule an interview for early December. Best of luck!