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  1. lestoyloy28

    FL nursing schools

    I did to FIU and got accepted. I have a 2.5 cumulative gpa only because I failed a few classes when I first got to college over 18 years ago. Those classes were not nursing classes however. My junior and senior year gpa was 3.6 mostly nursing classes. I was very uncertain. But I explained it in my personal statement, I have over 6 years of solid nursing experience, I'm an alumni of the college and I had one of my professor at FIU write one of my letter of recommendation. The interview went well I made sure I practice common questions asked in such interviews. I was one of the first ones invited to interview. So there is hope. Just be honest explain what happened and try to bring forth the positives of why you would excel in the program
  2. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Just got my acceptance email!!!
  3. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Omg! Did not think we would have to wait a whole 4 weeks. I guess we have 1 more week to wait.
  4. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    I'm guessing still no updates? I thought for sure that today would've been the day that we got an answer.
  5. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Well at least we know that no decision were sent yet. So that means no rejection was sent yet. I still check every hour both here and my emails even my junk email. I hope they do something before the end of the week cause I can't go another week of waiting
  6. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Any updates? This wait is so stressful!
  7. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about not getting in. I read an old post from last year and it took forever. No one got an email until May 18. So hopefully we will hear something by next week
  8. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Nothing yet and this stress is killing me
  9. I applied for Fall 2018 admission. Had my interview that I believe went well. Now waiting on a decision. I wish they would just send me a reply. I wake up and go to bed thinking about it
  10. lestoyloy28

    FIU Nurse Practitioner program

    Has anyone applied and heard back yet? I interviewed last week and today was the first day they said acceptance emails will be sent. S
  11. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Hi just wanted to know if you applied and got any updates. I applied and interview last week. Got an email this afternoon stating decision will be emailed starting tomorrow
  12. lestoyloy28

    FIU Bsn to dnp

    Hi have anyone applied? I just received my email for an interview. Quite nervous anyone else?
  13. lestoyloy28

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Hi I applied to the program as well. I have about 5 years experiencein long term geriatric field including supervisor and unit manager position. Been off the floor for 2 years working for an insurance company reviewing for medical necessity. I just got my interview email for next week! Hope all goes well!
  14. lestoyloy28

    nj state board of nursing

    i'm having a problem with the nj state board of nursing. Everytime i call they have my name wrong and they have me as a rn instead of lpn. Im constantly on the phone everyday with them but everyday i call its a new person and nothing is being done. Since its the call center not the board themself, they can't change anything. Do anyone have a direct number to the nursing board of nj?