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  1. squirly

    Advice for the LVN Student

    Plan well!! If you have kids, daycare issues, family drama....figure it all out or at the very least good solid backup plans just in case BEFORE you start. Start stocking frozen food! Your kids may come to believe that captain crunch is a major food group if you don't! STAY ORGANIZED...color code, tab everything whatever... ....and DATE everything..I dropped all my notes...would have been a nightmare had I not had every page labeled to class, and date! Good Luck
  2. Oh I agree...you can't know TOO MUCH a&p!!!
  3. squirly

    CNA or LPN??

    I've heard it both ways. There are a number of CNA's in my LVN class and while it most definitely helps w/ the initial fear...of touching people, and the transfering pts etc... most are having to RELEARN how it is "officially" done in our skills lab and our schools LVN clinicals. What they teach and what you can realistically do w/ a real live person is sometimes alittle different. but as my instructor says..."nursing is a gray area". Good luck!!!
  4. squirly

    Senior RN Student w/ Jealous Husband!!!

    I didn't read past page 2 but I know we all say the same thing... Your strong and focused and you can do anything u set your mind to. Now...how to pay for that NCLEX exam. first try worksource (google it!) they can really help in alot of ways. or walk into a church...ask for an appt w/ the Pastor ...explain what you've been through, what your plan is and ask if he can help you. Take your grades as verification. MANY times there generous and good people who want to help someone personally and even if it's a loan....you'll be in a better position than where you were. Good luck my friend!! Know that your on a path to a better life for you and your children. I'll pray for you and your family !
  5. squirly


    I agree. That order is what I would do...but I won't lie...care plans aren't my best subject.
  6. squirly

    Tempers, bullies, and self created chaos!!

    Thanks to those who understand. I'm just venting. It isn't personal or a direct attack on anyone's character. Let's just say the pressure is stressful and when your a full time student, work part time, and a wife/mom; Well every minute counts when it comes to trying to absorb as much as possible from those w/ more knowledge than we have (classmates and instructors alike) and learning how to turn that new knowledge into critical thinking skills. Man am I looking forward to Thanksgiving break!!!!
  7. squirly

    Tempers, bullies, and self created chaos!!

    no response is necessary when it comes to your posts.
  8. squirly

    Can't be happy with my grades

    uh...that would be me and I stand by it.
  9. squirly

    Tempers, bullies, and self created chaos!!

    whatever. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions.
  10. squirly

    Can't be happy with my grades

    Wow...nurses really do eat their young! Nursing school is hard. It doesn't come easy to everyone and if it does to you that's wonderful but no need to discount someone's feelings just because you can. Your already an RN .... so why do you need to pick on someone who isn't yet but is doing the very best she can? Snarky.... I would rather have a C student who has compassion, depth and a caring attitude take care of my loved ones than a straight A student who has a bad attitude. C= Nurse. True statement. Not many of us are AIMING for a C but sometimes you feel you were well prepared for a test, you take that test and walk away bewildered wondering WHAT WAS THAT???? It happens. If it hasn't happened to you count yourself lucky. Meawhile OP.... Your doing all you can. Just do your best and if a "C" in certain areas is the best you could do ...so be it. BUT learn from it. I just took a test and I really struggled on certain areas. I don't have my grade back yet but can say that the first thing I did was come home and go back over that area. I rewrote my notes, looked up some info from the internet. I studied the material, Made additional notes...and I can honestly say I'm quite strong in that area now. I learned from my experience and built on what I knew. If I get a "C", oh well....at least I know that those areas won't hold me back come my final exam or when it comes time to take the NCLEX.
  11. Things are getting really squirly in my program. Started w/ 25, we are down to 21. We are almost done w/ the first semester of a 3 semester LVN program. The cliques that were formed are starting to breakdown and turn on one another. Lots of petty gossip making the rounds. Lots of finger pointing about who is doing well and who is just SAYING they are doing well. The bullies are identifying easier targets and trying to really make them feel stupid ALL the time. Makes you want to just smack them. I know it's from their own insecurity but this program is HARD. Trying to make yourself look good by making someone else look bad or point out flaws that are usually not flaws at all but their own personal opinions is just really low. EX: Bully: (Walks over to me and looks at the chapter I'm studying) You shouldn't study like that. You should work on the material as it's given for the next test coming up. My reply: why? I have an A in that class. I need to concentrate on the class I DON'T have an A in. Bully: No, your wrong. Me: Well my A says I'm right. So we'll agree to disagree. (said over my shoulder as I walk away shaking my head). Needless to say she's moved on to a target that will actually listen to her. I won't. I just walk away. We have a few who are embroiled in their own self created chaos...everything from being late continually which is a major distraction to those of us who show up on time and pay attention to lecture, lots of family problems (of their own making), driving everyone else crazy by practically brusing their classmates everytime they want to emphasize their point across by punching whomever they are talking to (think Elaine on Seinfield "GET OUT!" as she pushes him). Some classmates are WAYYYYYYY too close, bordering on inappropriate relationships (why let a little thing like MARRIAGE stand in their way ), the ones that and SIGH loudly whenever someone asks a question or shares their experience, or my favorites.....the ones that have an opinion on EVERYTHING, a story from a relative about nursing, or an illness that was along the same lines....makes me want to throw my book at them by the 12th interruption during lecture. Crazy CRAZY stuff going down. I'm pretty patient but I catch myself biting my tongue CONSTANTLY. It's not my responsibility to 'fix' them or their issues. I am just working the best I can w/ what I have but am being really careful not to get too close to anyone, yes I am part of the 'group' but I'm kinda a fringe player...I usually get invited to lunch by a couple different groups but decline them all and eat what I brought rather than leave campus and assimilate to any one group. I really think that's safer when the gossip starts flying...I hear it all, don't repeat a word and am never directly implicated in any of it because I'm not part of 'that' group. Kinda makes sense to me. It's still early to tell who will be there by the end, but can say the stronger students are standing out in a good way, they are ON TIME to class, they are doing what they are told and not talking behind instructors backs to other instructors, they don't complain every time they open their mouths and can act like they LOVE clinicals whether or not they actually do. I was talking to a classmate today about the dynamics of the group as a whole and we both agree that it's changing fast mostly because the problem children of the group are beginning to be ostracized and no one wants to be associated w/ bad behavior or attitudes. I can predict a few who will drop (I hope they don't but think it may happen due to the self created chaos factor) or will be selectively weeded out by the instructors due to immature, inappropriate behavior not conductive to nursing or who may shed a bad light on our program once they are out in the real world of nursing. I don't know... my instructor came in yesterday and warned us. Now is the time in the semester that everyone gets annoyed alittle easier and that the things that we didn't even think about yesterday could become major annoyances tomorrow when it comes to our relationships that we've built in class. All I can say is I'm hanging in there. Doing the best I can (which isn't all that bad at all) and I still believe this is my calling, even if I don't enjoy every minute of it and am so tired I can barely hold my head up at the end of some days I still believe if I work hard, ignore everything that doesn't directly impact my grades I'll be okay.
  12. 2 more yrs !! Can't say what YOU should do but can say your going to have more oppty w/ a BSN. You don't ever have to touch a patient but go into administration if you choose. You can do all kinds of work in healthcare that doesn't involve much of what your doing now... I say do what u have to and finnish. You'll regret it if you quit now.
  13. squirly

    LONE STAR college LVN program please help

    Dang I wrote a LONG reply...and it dissappeared! Anyway.... cyfair is super competitive. Accepted 25 I think, there are 22 left. We were told almost 400 applied (but can't say how true or untrue that is..but is along w/ what I've heard in the past ). It's super challenging. You have to understand that school has to be your focus 110% of the time. I've heard of a few people working....but none that I'm aware of work full time. I can't imagine how that can be done. Honestly the school stuff takes WAY too much time and energy to work full time too. Even part time is ridiculously hard when your trying to balance a family and school. As for taking the program one class at a time. I know that for cyfair at least that is NOT an option. You sign a blank registration form and they literally go register the classes you are expected to take that semester. There is no, well I'll take it during mini mester, or maybe online....uhhh uhhh. You take what your told; when your told. Not to be mean but that's just not a realistic plan. If you are planning on applying you need to make sure that you have your ducks in a row so that you can actually attend, otherwise you've taken a much coveted spot of someone else who maybe IS ready and able to do whatever it takes and whatever they are asked. No it isn't easy, but you just have to make it work. Honestly they don't care that you have kids at home, a job..or anything else. Their only concern is that you understanding the material and your thinking is converting to critical thinking. If you can't give 100% you should not apply. I have kids...I know the struggle involved with going to nursing school but bottom line is that my family will benefit from my success. This is only a year. ONE year. You take all the support your offered and delegate what you need to and you'll be okay. Honestly I can say that it's hard to stay on top of everything. The first week of Dec. I have FOUR tests over a 2 day period and then finals in EVERY CLASS the following week. That's just the way it is. Prioritizing is essential to your success. speaking of which...I'm off to study....getting ready for Dec...