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  1. mondee619

    NG tube and Ice Chips

    That's how the question/choices are worded Hence, the reason for my confusion. I eliminated the other two choices. There are a total of four choices.
  2. mondee619

    NG tube and Ice Chips

    It's a practice question. The NG and Ice chip belongs to one of the answer choices. I do not know what the answer is. The question that I'm reading is: The nurse observes the CNA doing the following tasks. Which of the following observations would require immediate intervention by the nurse? a. CNA put a 6 oz. cup of ice chips in a client's room with a NG tube to intermittent suction b. the CNA encourages the client that an appendectomy how to use the incentive spirometry that was given to him after surgery. As I practice for the NCLEX, I understand that the real life is different from what is taught from the books. I have seen one of my patient's during a clinical rotation with an NG (no suctioning) and was able to take oral meds/beverages only if he was able to swallow that day. Which led me to wanting to choose 'B' because CNA's cannot monitor, evaluate, assess, and teach. A word is missing in 'B' (?) so I'm assuming it should say CNA is 'teaching' how to use the IS???
  3. mondee619

    NG tube and Ice Chips

    Can a patient with a NG tube with intermittent suction have Ice Chips?
  4. mondee619

    Bowel prep for ileostomy antibiotics

    Thank you Esme.
  5. Can a CNA encourage a patient that had an appendectomy and teach how to use the IS? I thought that it is the RN's duty to teach patient's how to use the IS after surgery. Or, what if the RN had already taught the patient how to use the IS, but the CNA still encourages and shows how to use the IS. I do not recall learning about CNA's being able to reteach.
  6. Neomycin Sulfate and erythromycin base are used to prep the bowel for ileostomy procedures. From my understanding it helps to 'Decrease the bacterial flora' and 'help prevent post-op infection'. Is it the same saying of "destroying the bacteria of the colon" and/or "To decrease the risk of any postoperative infection"?
  7. mondee619

    Delegation RN, LPN, CNA, nursing student intern

    Thank you Pangea for the reminder *unrepaired cardiac defect
  8. mondee619

    Delegation RN, LPN, CNA, nursing student intern

    If I did not have the electronic or web for resources on K+, then I would have the RN do it. Thank you Esme, I forgot to mention this in my post, about the unrepaired cardiac defect. I figured that the patient may be unstable or the outcome may be unexpected, which lead me to the RN removing K+ foods from the tray. Not mentioned, but included with the teaching would be a reassessment of the patient. Thank you for all of your guidance!!!
  9. mondee619

    Delegation RN, LPN, CNA, nursing student intern

    As a nurse, I would look everything up that is on the patient's tray (for K+) just to be safe. I do not believe nurses or anybody would know everything. Thank goodness for resources :) That's why I want to go with RN and not the CNA, LPN (to be on the safe side).
  10. I understand that the RN can delegate tasks to the LPN or CNA depending on the patient's status and task. (Don't delegate if you can Evaluate, Assess, and Teach). If I was the nurse of a toddler with an unrepaired cardiac defect and the charge nurse got a call from lab about the toddler's K+ level of 5.7 mEq/L. The charge nurse notices that it is of priority to remove all sources of dietary K+ from the child's dinner tray. Who would the charge nurse appropriately delegate this task to? (RN, LPN, CNA, Nursing student intern) Originally, I was thinking CNA because it only involves removing K+ food items, then I thought LPN because it may need some more knowledge of what foods contain K+. After a few more days, I reread my practice question and now I'm leaning to RN because it is a priority. I was also thinking, what if it involves a new teaching to the parent/patient as to why I have to remove the K+ foods. I keep going in circles.
  11. mondee619

    NCLEX Study Guide Question

    Thank you so much! This is awesome! I will be taking mine sometimes in the beginning of 2014! I am so nervous already!
  12. mondee619

    Nursing Diagnosis in PRIORITY ORDER???

    Thank you CT Pixie