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Byrnowt has 16 years experience and specializes in ER, peds, gi, case mgmt..

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  1. Byrnowt

    Job Offer

    I called it cheap labor because she is paying you less than you're worth, spanish or no spanish! We are just trying to be helpful. Many of us have enough experience to know that any assurances not made in writing are worthless the moment you come in to work. The job market is tight. That's all the more reason to go in with your eyes wide open should you decide to accept.
  2. Byrnowt

    Red bulls, No-doz, Coffee and Caffeine pills!!

    The most important thing I frequently failed to do is get enough sleep! I would try and burn the candle at both ends, and end up sleeping 4-5 hrs. between shifts. Then I would have to down 4 cups of coffee a night and not allow myself to sit down. I didn't stop until I developed PSVT. Black out the windows, (I used foil) turn off the phones, wear earplugs if you have to. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Eat a snack to keep you from being awakened by hunger. Empty your bladder just before you retire. Forget about the outside world. You will discover most people who don't work nights have no empathy for those who do. You're still young, so you will be able to tolerate being awake on off days better than us 'seniors.'
  3. Byrnowt

    Job Offer

    Is speaking spanish the only contingency to becoming permanent? It does sound like she might be looking for cheap labor until she finds the candidate she really wants for the position. I studied spanish 4 years before I could hold a conversation with someone. OCNRN is right, speaking it is half the battle. You have to be able to understand it. There are different dialects to consider as well. I stopped translating when I discovered I could be held liable if I incorrectly interpreted what the patient said.
  4. Byrnowt

    Moving to DFW

    I just moved to the area 10 weeks ago. I have 16 yrs. experience, but I ran into trouble because I stopped at my ASN. There are plenty of positions posted, but they don't seem to be filling them. I have only received one interview request from the dozens I've applied to, and they required a personality test with the online application. Many hospitals in the area are on a hiring freeze. In today's market, some places won't consider a candidate from out of state. I just found a position in a blood bank! I've been working in hospitals for over 20 years, so I'm looking forward to the change. I applied for everything within a 20 mile radius from home. If you have your BSN, it will give you an advantage. Otherwise, it may be awhile and unless you can afford to hold out, you may have to take a different position than you'd planned for.
  5. Byrnowt

    IV starts in nursing school

    I graduated in 1994, we had to take a 2 day course just prior to graduation with the arm dummy. As a new grad, my poor patients got 3 sticks each with a 22ga! We weren't allowed to give each other injections either!
  6. Byrnowt

    Is nursing just okay?

    I wanted to teach but, there was rarely an adjustment in staffing to allow me time to DO any teaching. A patient who is circling the drain cannot wait for me to show my student how to properly set up equipment to prepare for intubation. I would feel guilty at the end of the day because I spent most of the time telling my student to watch what I was doing, and not block my path. Nursing is rewarding but mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting! Keep that in mind when working with seasoned nurses. My husband once told me I was a mean nurse. I asked him would he rather have someone 'mean' who knew what they were doing or someone nice who could make him worse or kill him! You will run into all types of nurse personalities wherever you go, including burn-outs. Don't take it personally. Once you are officially a nurse out there in the trenches you will see things differently.
  7. Byrnowt

    12 Hour Shifts--A bad idea?

    I had a love/hate relationship with 12's. Loved the days off, hated the LOOONG shifts! If I did 3 in a row, I would spend the 4th day in bed recuperating from the stretch. It really is important to get breaks/lunch. Otherwise, it will impact your health in the long run. I had to have a bladder sling placed....too many times I would go through an entire shift voiding once if at all! Didn't have time to drink water either. I like 8 hrs...by the time you start to get sick of the place, it's time to go home!
  8. Byrnowt

    Senior RN Student w/ Jealous Husband!!!

    I just noticed your original post was in June! Hopefully, you are well on your journey now. I'm sure someone will benefit from this even if you no longer need it. Let us know how you are doing!
  9. Byrnowt

    Senior RN Student w/ Jealous Husband!!!

    I was a domestic violence survivor and volunteer. There are only 2 things you need to have on your mind right now, your children and finishing school. He will get worse once you graduate/get licensed. YOU will have to be the one to make things happen. It's not fair that you may have to move and disrupt your life. But you have to do it for your peace and sanity. If you cannot go to a shelter yet, please call a domestic violence hotline for preliminary guidance. :igtsyt:Start 'cutting the cords' with him emotionally. If you do not do this, your escape will be in vain and you will go back, again and again. He will be nice when he thinks he is losing his grip on you. Do not worry about where he is or what he is doing when he isn't with you. He is not your concern. It will be painful, you will be heartbroken. You will cry more than you ever thought possible, but you still have to keep going. If it is too hard for you to bear doing anything right now, imagine how it will be a year from now if you flunk out;hopelessly trapped. Every day you stay he is chipping away at you, at your soul. DON'T give him the satisfaction! You are not alone. Many women have had to travel this path. It is scary, but once your life is your own again, you will wonder how you ever let ANYONE treat you like this in the first place. Things will not get better overnight, but life has a way of making things happen for you when you show you are really serious. Stay strong! You can do this! Your children are counting on you! The part of you that knows you deserve better is crying out to you. Please listen to it. You are in our thoughts :redbeathe.
  10. Byrnowt

    Where oh where have the good PCTs gone?

    This PCT sounds like ones I worked with years ago. The senior aides would tell me to stop working so hard....I was making them look bad. They did look bad...on the rare occasions I was able to take a break, I saw them sitting on the back patio smoking and eating candy bars! I don't care if you scrub toilets for a living; do it well, do it with pride. Infuriating that admin. won't back the nurse up on this. The RN is not being paid additional to babysit this sloth. (If sourapril is not in admin she's aiming for it.)
  11. Byrnowt

    switching to night shift

    I have worked with people who loved and hated nocs. I had to do them for several years but never got used to them. Developed PSVT over time, which has never returned since I stopped. Part of the problem was I would sleep at night on my off days. While it's great to have the day off, you really don't. You still need to make sleep a priority. I taped foil on my bedroom windows, wore earplugs and the phone essentially had no ring tone. You will find that the general public is not sympathetic to your schedule. You will also find the most laid back staff on nocs. None of the ivory tower or suit types around! It did annoy me when inservices/mandatory meetings would be held in the middle of the day with no consideration for our shift. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Byrnowt

    someone tell me it gets better after RN school???

    It's so early in your training and it sounds like no one told you what to expect. I can honestly say it did not bother me. It's much easier to care for intact skin than skin broken down as a result of neglect. Don't think of these substances as gross but as some of the amazing physiologic functions of the body. You will notice that some of the smells and visual observations, while not pleasant, will be valuable clues as to what's going on with your patient. Give yourself time to adjust. Are those the only issues? How do you feel about blood, saliva, purulent drainage, diaphoresis, nasal discharge, gangrene, earwax, genital discharge? Some of these will be more prevalent in the acute care setting. I think every nurse has a body byproduct they hate. Mine is sputum....16 years and I still cringe when I see it! I have noticed that many of the students these days are not interested in doing direct patient care. Do the staff nurses have to pratically push you in the pt. rooms? If you are more interested in chatting, hanging out in the nurse's station and reading charts, you may have to rethink your plans.
  13. Byrnowt

    anybody move to TX and regret it?

    I just moved here from CA 2 months ago. The state is falling apart and I grew tired of watching the slow motion train wreck. I grew up there but my parents are both southerners and my siblings and I were raised with southern values. So far, I really like it here. Really pleased with the cost of living, tolerable weather. When the heat comes back, I'll stay indoors! (I didn't live along the coast, so not a huge difference.) Still looking for work but it's tough since I don't really know anyone yet. I left the bedside a few years ago and my most recent specialty normally requires a BSN and I'm and ADN so that has come back to bite me. If I had it to do again, I would not change my plans. Once I find work, I'm sure I will like it even more.
  14. Byrnowt

    ASN vs. BSN

    There are too many levels in nursing not seen in other professions. Raising the basic requirement to a BSN will not magically turn nurses into professionals. Having a clear definition of the role will. Something as simple as having a specific uniform will help distinguish nurses from everyone else now wearing scrubs. Until nurses stop doing minor housekeeping, filling in for unit secretaries, going on equipment hunts, transporting patients, being a waitress to families of patients etc., they will continue to be seen as servants. The title Registered Nurse could be reserved solely for those at the bedside, with an ADN. Stop LVN training. Persons who don't want the 2+ years of study can become medical assistants. I have worked with excellent LVN's, who owed it to themselves to pursue the RN anyway since there is little variation in roles. BSN's could use their initials after the title but omit the 'RN' unless you are in direct patient care. I know many will disagree, but changes have to be made if nurses want the respect they deserve. I call myself an ADN now that I no longer do direct pt. care. I would rather leave nursing altogether and get my bachelor's in another field than waste the time and money on a BSN. That would be a menial return on my investment.
  15. Byrnowt

    Career Change to Nursing

    PLEASE try and work as a CNA. It will give you a taste of the pace required to care for several patients. If you can tolerate a long term care facility, you should be okay. You will only have 2 patients while doing college clinicals....nothing like the real world of acute care, unless you do ICU (and 1 patient there seems too much sometimes.) Don't do it for the money or with the assumption that you won't have to take care of patients. We have too many chiefs already!
  16. Byrnowt

    Finding a Job as a New Grad

    I really wish MSM would let everyone know about the nursing glut we are currently experiencing. For years, the mantra has been nurse=job security, nurse=shortage. This has not been the case for AT LEAST 18 months now. Hospitals want an experienced nurse with a BSN. ( I've been an ADN for 16 yrs, I too am having trouble finding a new position since relocating) My sister is about to graduate. Her instructor notified them in their final semester that they probably won't find jobs. In 1994 my classmates had to leave the state to find work, it has always been cyclical. It does the unemployed no good to tell them things will be different a few years from now. The bills won't wait that long.