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Nurse Aide for 2 & 1/2 years, Second Year Pre-Nursing Student, EMT-B Student

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  1. Chad_KY_SRNA


    I always wanted to get something medical or nursing related, this was before I dropped out of nursing school and decided to be an EMT, I have decided if I get another tattoo that it will be the chinese symbol for the word "ouch". Its not specific to ...
  2. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    To the OP, heard anything on the kid?
  3. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    Well I am an :redlight:EMT and CNA:redlight:, I would have stabilized the c-spine, log rolled the pt, cleared the airway, and then assessed breathing. Sounds like once the airway was clear he started breathing regularly so rescue breathing was not in...
  4. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Don't Rough My Newborn Up!!!!!!!

    In EMS I have always heard, If you drop a baby pick it up, thats why they come with bungee cords.
  5. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Laptops: What do you have?

    I have a Toshiba Tecra that I have had about a year, it works really well. My parents bought a cheap desktop at Wal-Mart two or three years ago and it is so much slower than my laptop. One of the women at the ambulance service bought the inexpensive ...
  6. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Male Nurse Calender

    If I had a half way decent body I would be all for it.
  7. Chad_KY_SRNA

    BSN, LPN or MA?

    I started out as a CNA and started college aiming for the ADN-RN program, I went a year and half a semester of prenursing and dropped out this past september. I am finishing an EMT-B class right now and will be done with it in March. I have been to t...
  8. Chad_KY_SRNA

    does working in ER make you want motorcylehelmets mandatory

    Here in Kentucky you must wear a helmet at all times unless you show proof of health insurance at the clerks offiice and for a three dollar fee, you may ride without a helmet but you must maintain health insurance coverage at all times and be at leas...
  9. Chad_KY_SRNA

    A moose in ER

    JessicaGmz, I have to disagree, think of how many people that bear could have hurt. This is a wild dangerous animal in an enclosed space. This equation doesn't quite work out for someone. If it was you and you were face to face with those claws and ...
  10. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Bomb Attack On London

    I woke up and was getting ready to go in for my shift and for some reason I felt I had to turn on the TV and saw that CNN was airing a live broadcast from the London bureau. I am repulsed by the utter disregard for humanity but I am also amazed at th...
  11. Chad_KY_SRNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    We had a resident that was ill and she told the nurse that she would die on July 4th, this has been a few years back, well July 4th came and they got her up for Breakfast then lunch and then finally at supper time she slumped over in her chair and wh...
  12. Chad_KY_SRNA

    I am man, I wonder if I can be a nurse

    Men or women can be anything that they want to be in the United States. You just have to be caring, hard working and get that degree. In the past all of the military nurses were men but then in the middle of the last century most men were not able to...
  13. Chad_KY_SRNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Last night at around 0100 I was changing a resident and had my back to the door. I heard the knob turn and the woman I was working with said "Come In" and nothing happened, I turned around and opened the door but there was no one up anywhere on the u...
  14. Chad_KY_SRNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I resent the implication that I have watched too many scary movies. I have great reverence for death and even the bible talks of spirits, demons, and such. In my long term care facility we work closely with hospice and I provide the best end of life ...
  15. Chad_KY_SRNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I can handle just about everything except the patient that coded while floating 2 inches over the bed. For that I would go get the charge nurse and walk out.