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mom of nine children, grandmother of five girls, married to prince, working as don in beautiful CCRC.

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  1. donmomofnine

    chemical dependency/addictions nursing

    We welcome recovering nurses to work with us!! In fact, we have some still in the nurse recovery program. They make wonderful employees, as you have noticed!!
  2. donmomofnine

    chemical dependency/addictions nursing

    I am being considered for a DON position at a detox center. I am very excited about it and hope that I am hired. So much to learn, but it's challenging to learn new things!
  3. donmomofnine

    New DNS...anyone in NADONA/LTC

    Congratulations!! I just joined NADONA. Not sure how beneficial it is yet. I know that in PA their annual convention is eagerly anticipated from all the DONs in this area! Can't wait to go next year! I am the director of healthcare services, but always get referred to as the "DON"!
  4. donmomofnine

    Common raise amounts?

    I am budgeted from 0-4%. Any disciplinary issues at the time of the eval leads to goal development and a chance to get a "good raise" if goals are met in 30 days. This is better, I think, than no raise at all for minimal performers. Top performers get 3%. They get the 4% if they meet my "goal of the year for all staff". This year the goal is joining a culture change related task force.
  5. donmomofnine

    Expecting too much???

    Spoiled! Mine are two with an assignment of 22 residents, a unit manager, a unit clerk, someone to do treatments. All they do is pass pills with a computerized (faster) med system and chart. I'm back. Thanks for checking in on me!
  6. donmomofnine

    'ello :)

    Welcome to you! Hope you like it here!
  7. donmomofnine

    Complicated issue re: a fall

    Sounds wise to me! This is a good situation for a portable xray, though, if available.
  8. donmomofnine

    Code Procedures Please

    No, we do not! Again, as I have said, residents and families know this when admitted. It is not illegal. We can select what residents we take and potential residents can select which long term care facility they want to live in!
  9. donmomofnine

    Code Procedures Please

    If someone wants life sustaining measures, we call the paramedics and get them out of the facility BEFORE they arrest.
  10. donmomofnine

    Code Procedures Please

    We really don't think of ourselves as a health institution, but rather as our resident's last home. We concentrate on making their time there as good as we can for them. We have compassionate and honest physicians who talk frankly with residents and families and we have a wonderful hospice provider that we use. We are part of a faith based community, so most of our residents and families are comfortable with death and dying. I really don't feel that CPR in this age group (all of our residents are elderly) is caring and compassionate most of the time. If a person requests that CPR be initiated at our facility, they can decide to go elsewhere. In my seven years here, that has never happened, or come back to bite us. I guess I would be interested in hearing a story of CPR initiated in a long term care facility in a resident over 75 that was "successful" and how you would define a good outcome from doing CPR on this resident?
  11. donmomofnine

    Code Procedures Please

    No, we don't need to start CPR and residents and families know that when they come here!
  12. donmomofnine

    How do they post DNR in the patients rooms at your LTC

    I think that it's not a problem when outsiders wouldn't know the signifigance of the symbol.
  13. donmomofnine

    Code Procedures Please

    We have a no CPR policy. We tell folks who want the "full code" status (even after we try to educate them) that we will call the paramedics and they will initiate CPR. Those few who are full codes? Well we try to get them out of here as soon as we can ~ before they arrest! Has never gotten us in trouble the seven years I have been here.
  14. donmomofnine

    Need advice

    I am a DON and I would definitely want to hear from you!
  15. donmomofnine

    MDS Coordinator salaries

    Not to be disagreeable, but I kind of think that all the staff is responsible for attaining higher reimbursement. At my facility, the nurses and nursing assistants, social workers therapy and dietitian ALL need to provide the care and documentation of such to give the RNAC the basis for her entries into the MDS! Also, the "profit" of the higher reimbursement actually goes toward the resident's care. Most of the time, the reimbursement doesn't even cover their doses of Epogen! So it's no lucrative, money making business, but rather adequate reimbursement for care that was provided (which costs money). And I think the RNAC should be well paid. Mine is worth her weight in gold!!!:kiss
  16. donmomofnine

    Hurricane Help

    Does anyone know of any PA nurses going as a group? Thanks!