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  1. wala.h

    DTCC nursing students!!

    Thanks ! What about clinical times do they still start at 6:30 am like the first semester ?
  2. wala.h

    Delaware Tech ranking points

    Hi I'm applying this march, I'm so nervous, as this is my second time trying to apply for the program But for those of you who started can u give me an idea of how your schedules are like? Am I going to have to put my son in daycare full time 5 days a week? Also how hard is it, is it manageable or easy to failing grades :/?
  3. wala.h

    DTCC nursing students!!

    Hi for those who started the program , can you give me an idea of your schedulae, days and times? Am I going to have to put my son in daycare full time all week? I want to know what to expect since I am apply this march also how is it so far? Harder then all the other classes we've had to take before applying? Thanks in advance !
  4. wala.h

    DTCC nursing students!!

    I'm so nervous ! But I was wondering what if you don't get accepted..will they let you know or do u have to guess that you just didn't get in ?