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  1. waldo_1984

    Point me in the right direction

    RN4HUGS, Thanks for your reply! I've been super concerned about the ETG testing and the idea that a false positive could cause issues, given I've been sober for almost 2 years and am only in the program because I answered honestly on my application for licensure, I don't want to mess this up. So far things are ok, I'm two days into random testing and haven't been called yet but have had some issues with my new employer and my RMA. Fun times. Oh well, just staying focused on my side of the street doing what I can today and remembering there is a plan. Only another 17 months of this!!
  2. waldo_1984

    Point me in the right direction

    Is it true energy drinks will cause false positive?
  3. waldo_1984

    Point me in the right direction

    Thanks, Jack! I even searched hi and lo on your site, just in case I found it there. I'm not having any luck, I know it was an extensive list.
  4. waldo_1984

    Point me in the right direction

    A while back I found a list of common household products and medications to avoid while in monitoring programs, I saved it to my pc, however since then my computer crashed and I've lost the document. I've been searching for it and can't seem to locate it here on the site, can someone help me locate it?? My RMA begins the first of June, thanks in advance. Waldo.
  5. waldo_1984

    am i understanding this correctly?

    my personal opinion is that nurses are people too and are not immune to health problems requiring prescription medication. she is under the care of medical doctor and is taking her medication appropriately, as long as she is not under the influence of these medications at work then i would venture to say she is safe to practice. .... check with your state bon guidelines.
  6. waldo_1984

    Done! (with school that is)

    hello, all...just wanted to send out a quick update and let everyone i have officially completed college. i'm in the process of sending out my application to the indiana state board of nursing and also the testing center to register for nclex. i find that i have an unusual amount acceptance in regards to this process, i have finished school, answered the application questions honestly, completed the required affidavit to submit with the application, and all amends in regards to my previous health care job have been made. i've done all i can do. now all that's left is to wait to hear back from the bon. will they authorize me to test or pull me in for a formal hearing and possible referral to isnap before allowing me to sit for nclex? i don't know, but either way i'm willing to do whatever it takes. i'm not looking at the possibility of referral to the state's monitoring program as a consequence of my addiction, rather i'm viewing it as another way to ensure long term sobriety. i was willing to go away from my family for 5 and half months to establish the foundation for my recovery and if this is what it takes to set up a solid foundation for my career within my recovery...i can do that! i'm not aware of how long it takes for these applications to be processed but i will keep you posted on how this turns out! merry christmas and happy new year! may 2011 be filled with happiness and freedom
  7. waldo_1984

    BEST video on drinking and driving!! Must Watch

    So incredibly thankful I never harmed anyone in that way...Lord knows I could have. To think of that possibility now in sobriety breaks my heart because when I was using I certainly wasn't ever thinking of anyone else. What a powerful public service announcement that should be displayed for all to see!