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  1. I know 3 people who were there last semester and said that the teachers never did that and the same assignments are in the text book. They order those Ebooks in advance so they try and sell them by saying they are mandatory so they don't lose the money they already put up for them. A 3 of them passed with good grades and said they barely used the Ebooks. Of course when it comes to that point you will do what's best/comfortable for you. Honestly I'm still debating myself cause you really never know if they will change something at the last minute.

  2. I don't think all of this classes are the right times for pharm cause the times interfere with nursing 1 lectures. I'm sure they still have some tweaking to do. Last semester none of the times ended or started at 12:29 or 10:01... I have already started reading the book and doing assignments since I was given the assignments for orentation last semester when I was a stand by. My advisor said the Ebooks are not mandatory and that last year's book is fine to use cause a the author does is switch up chapters to make it seem like its different info. I always used old books. I passed all A&P classes with a book from 1999 and it had the exactly the same info 14 years ago. And u can copy anything you would at the library and they even have recordings of the lectures in there also.

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    Last semester cut off was 70. That was the highest cut off score they ever had. *********will tell you the cut off score if you call her. Mine was a 65 but I was a stand by last semester and they didn't have any spots so all stand by's got in this semester. I can't imagne the cut off being more than a 70...

  4. No I don't know how many they are accepting sorry. I'm sure it will be 100 or more depending on readmit students. At orientation for doing there were a lot of students. Get that fundemental for success book if you can cause it will help a lot with how they expect to you to answer questions. I started reading it already myself. It's very helpful for how to prepare for the test and answer questions correctly.

  5. At orientation they will give you all the info. There is a website they will give you that you have to $142.00 to have access and you upload everything on there and it will have a due date on it. CPR they say to wait until you get close to the due date so it will be certified for the 2 years of school but you don't have to wait you can re certify during school if needed which I will have to do since I didn't start this semester. Most of the stuff you have to wait to do so it will last the 2years of school. If you don't have medical insurance start saving now . Some people paid up to $600 to get shot and blood work done. No matter what I would stat saving money now website is $142, state board app is $62.50,drug test is $40,nurse ins is about $40,CPR varies $40-75 uniforms,sethscope, etc... Yes the the standby by students who didn't get in for spring get in for fall no matter what. If you have a profile score within 5 points of the cut off you will most likely a stand by.

  6. I was a stand by student for spring 2013 with a profile score of 65 the cut off was 70. None of the stand by student were able to get spots so we will all get in for fall no questions asked. I had to go to all the meetings as if I was accepted and there is a lot of stuff you have to do before classes start. Vaccines, titer bloodwork, flu shot, nursing student insurance, CPR cert, finger prints for background check and send in application to state boards for license . The FIRST thing to do is send ur application to state board ASAP! If you don't have your license when classes start you can't start period. I have never heard the cut off score being above 75 so if u have 75 or higher ur chances of getting in are great. I've been through the whole process already and it's a lot to take in and it's very over whelming ! Good luck everyone !!

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    @MZMARTIN7 Thank You !!! I hope charity sees it that way too! lol and about the hesi its 5 hours total. You can start on any section u want first. No chemisty or Physics on the hesi ! I was the second to last one leaving test cause i tired not to panic and took every bit of the 5 hours I could.Believe it or not the evole book is right on the money with most of the test. GOOD LUCK TO YOU !! what is ur email address so I can ask you a question ?

  8. Well I made a 75 on the hesi not as good as i wanted but I freaked out,so I am going to take it again since i know what to expect now! I already took all my A&P Classes .I got a 98 in lab I and 89 in lecture I ! A&PII i got a 87 in lecture and 93 in lab ! my advice is study study study ! thats all i did for at least 5 hours a day every day. I was so determined to get good grades in A&P I devoted most of my time to them along with other classes ! I lived at the biology lab in city park they have most of the models from lab and they also have different ways to remember things for lecture. I also listened to a lot of you tube video's on biology too. they have professors from Yale and other major universities that also helped ! good luck to ya'll ! :)

  9. thanks every one ! I always freak out before a big test and im so nervous about the hesi test tomorrow. Iknow i wont be able to sleep good tonight either. Hopefully i can get it together and stay calm. I have been studying for a whlie but since i freak myself out my brain crashes.lol Ill let yall know how it goes. Im just nervouse on being timed for each section . I think that is what freaks me out is running out of time.