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mikeru22 has 4+ years experience and specializes in Acute Care, Trauma, Critical Care, Psych.

a dreamer, visionary, thrill seeker, son, brother,friend, stranger, nobody, commoner, bystander, a psych nurse & a SERVANT of God. :)

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  1. mikeru22

    2019 NMC Decision Letter

    Finally got my Decision Letter! 😍 my queue date is 3rd July.
  2. mikeru22

    2019 NMC Decision Letter

    Nope. Sorry for the confusion. I have never worked in the US or anywhere outside the Philippines. Is it okay not to include it? May I know if you already have your DL or at which stage of registration are you in? Thank you.
  3. mikeru22

    2019 NMC Decision Letter

    Hello, I am currently processing my registration with NMC too. Other than my primary RN license in the Philippines, I am also a US Registered Nurse in the State of Texas. Had anyone here sent his NMC form to the Texas BON for License Verification? May I know what’s the best way to do it? Should I send the form to them via FedEx? Or should it be sent to them via an email attachment? Thank you.
  4. mikeru22

    NMC registration 2019

    Hello I am a US registered nurse in the State of Texas and currently I am processing my registration with UK NMC. May I know if there are any USRNs here from the state of Tx who were required to submit NMC verification of license to the state of Tx? How did you guys do it and what was the turn around time? Thank you.
  5. mikeru22


    The timeline could be different for you but in my case, I completed all the requirements in April and received a confirmation that my documents were sent to the document controller for safekeeping. I had to wait until the last week of June before I was asked to secure documents for CGFNS and simultaneously, I received my review materials. My nclex review started in July.
  6. mikeru22

    Pearson Vue trick July 2016

    PVT still works! did the trick one hour after leaving the testing center. got 75 questions with close to 30 SATA questions for my NCLEX RN exam and 3 days after, got my quickresults and says PASSED.
  7. Thank you hukneeb (this is mikeemikes26, I just recovered my old account) and yes, the trick still works! I saw my name listed as RN on my BON's website 3 days after I took the exam! PVT still works!!!!
  8. mikeru22


    Hello there. Academic IELTS might be required before you can take NCLEX but that depends on whether your nursing subjects' and text books language is English or not. Try searching for Avant Healthcare Professionals in face book. There's a link there that would allow you to sign up. After that, wait for an email correspondence from them for further instructions.
  9. Hello there. I think it wouldn't really matter what review center she enrolls in. Many years passed since she graduated so it would definitely benefit her if she could learn the salient points and the test taking strategies. There are many options to choose from and I'm sure, one will be perfect for her budget and schedule.
  10. mikeru22

    Philippine General Hospital

    Hello welynliboon. Panel Interview is an interview conducted by the unit managers of PGH. I had mine in 2011, there were 8-10 unit managers and most of them took turn asking me questions. Most of the questions they asked me were personal questions (the usual tell me something about yourself stuff). I was also asked how my job that time (which was a call center agent) relates to nursing, which I explained pretty well by relating the call handling procedures to the nursing process. Unfortunately, I didn't follow up on my application after that because I joined the RNHEALS program and eventually became a staff nurse in a different hospital. I was lucky though I wasn't asked any clinical questions. Some of my batchmates in the panel interview were asked about nursing procedures, laboratory values and diseases.
  11. Hello fellow nurses, Just recently, Representative Teves' questions and remarks against nurses and doctors in government hospitals made a buzz across the country. What are your thoughts and feelings about this? I for one work in a local government hospital. We are lucky to have been provided with state of the art laboratory and diagnostic equipment, facilities, materials and medications that are most often than not availed free of charge by our city's constituents. Because of this, the hospital I work in (being the sole government hospital in my city) gets an influx of indigent, middle income and even well off clients. Other than the patient census (which luckily is closer to ideal), our benefits, working condition and facilities are okay (since most wards are fully airconditioned including the department I work in). Complaints against doctors and nurses are common though and from time to time we get memos coming from our city government about these. Although admittedly, patients and their relatives cannot be blamed for feeling upset over a lot of things which most of the time are very menial and negligible (AC not working and the like), I couldn't help but feel defensive deep inside specially when patients are complaining about the "slow service" and the long queue in OPD and in the ER, while in the first place, these patients come in to the ER in the middle of the night to have themselves checked up for flus, cough and colds, STDs etc. which they ignored for a couple of days already before finally going to the hospital. At times I feel these people have so much to ask and demand of us, while they couldn't give us the patience, understanding and respect we all deserve. Did you ever feel the same way at one point in your professional life? Please share your experiences.
  12. Hello Ava, I'm curious how "sick" is your friend? Did she catch simple colds or flu during the last visit? First, if you're really concerned about sending a sick person to the community, then I think it's best that you tell your friend to just stay at home until she gets better if she's really that sick. Wearing a surgical mask all day won't guarantee that she won't transmit infectious microorganisms to people around her. Likewise, if her immunity is low because of illness, she might get infected by Pneumonia or PTB or other opportunistic infections by the people she'll come face to face with. Second, review your asepsis technique, is there a need to wear gloves when performing IM, SQ or ID injections? Unless there is an open wound or risk for exposure to secretions, excretions, blood etc., then there really isn't a need to wear gloves. If you insist on wearing gloves, don't you think it would be more appropriate that you change your gloves for every patient you will be handling for injection? Are you seriously thinking of wearing the same set of gloves for all your patients? Go back to the aseptic technique you first mentioned. Third, schools and hospitals have different policies when it comes to patient assignment for student nurses. Letting any students perform high risk procedures (IV Insertion, parenteral medication administration, etc.) to certain groups of clients is a big NO in the institution I work in. I also don't recall any instances performing such procedures for high risk clients when I was a student. HIV transmission thru needle prick injury is very rare. Did you ask the student who got infected by HIV about other risk factors like multiple sexual encounters, sharing syringes, razors etc., with any person who are infected with HIV? I'm concerned too, just as you are that you had to rant about not being allowed to wear PPIs by your school while it's clear that you are missing something. All the things you learn and experience as a student nurse are nothing compared to the things you would encounter in the field in the future but all the wisdom, understanding and knowledge you'll learn in nursing school will help you and even save your ass once you are already a practicing nurse. So review your aseptic technique and PPI protocol carefully and stop ranting about not being allowed to use one, since there really wasn't a need to do so.
  13. mikeru22


    no worries kisheen, sent you a personal message.
  14. mikeru22

    Second Courser: Should I pursue?

    Hi! It's okay. You can always take Nursing or any program you are interested in if you still have the desire to do so in the future. When I was in college, most of the 2nd courser students I met were 40 years old and above, there even was a 50+ year old woman. Do whatever makes you happy. Goodluck on your future endeavors.
  15. mikeru22


    Hello kisheen, I don't have an exact date for the exam. Right now, I am processing my CES verification of license and professional education with CGFNS and have also received the review materials through a shipment from the US. I am waiting for the next step, which I think is joining an NCLEX study program that would prepare me to take the NCLEX RN exam. Just wait for an email from one of their agents. They have different timelines for each applicant and once it's your turn, you'll definitely hear from them again.
  16. mikeru22


    I am not sure if Avant will pay for NCLEX and other requirements however, I know for a fact that it is Avant who'll chose the state where you'll take the NCLEX. It won't hurt asking them about the exam fee. Just send them an email and someone will get in touch with you to clarify that. So far, they haven't asked us to pay anything yet. The CGFNS processing fee and the review materials were all paid by Avant.