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    7 day MDS 3.0 nightmare

    I have not read all the messages that other MDS nurses have written about 3.0, but out of the several I have read, no one has mentioned the 7 day nightmare we now have to deal with. I am talking about having to close the entry record in 7 days. Why would they do this to us. If closing the entry record in 7 days only affected the entry record it would not be so bad but they have slit our throats with this. If I have a 14 day due on a patient that gets sick and gets sent out to the hospital. I now have a 14 day and a discharge assessment to do. No big problem but just more work. But if that patient is only out for a couple of days before they are readmitted. NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS. The time I did have to closed the 14 day and the discharge have now been reduced drasticly. I now am on the clock. I have an entry record that has to be closed in 7 days and the other two assessments that I had 14 days to complete now have to be closed before the reentry record that only has 7 days. My question is why would they do this. What could possiblely be the purpose of this. Why not just make everything 14 days.