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  1. i just dont see you taking ownership in your posts op please point out where you did in case i have missed it while i wish you the best outcome i cant help thinking that a hard head is gonna make for a soft
  2. headinsandRN

    How much should I get?

    this appears so egregious i am almost inclined to question that facility's compentancy
  3. headinsandRN

    Stress @ Work, No Support.

    have you considered the pros and cons of changing floors?
  4. great job & spot on ruby vee!!
  5. if your nursing license could talk, it would probably call you and beg you to be more compliant with policy as the autonomy you exercised will probably not protect you if you went to court and had to defend your actions.
  6. headinsandRN

    The reverse end of "my preceptor hates me"

    be assertive and tell/ask her to move. you can offer to print the hp (if it is available on the computer) and she get it from the printer and read it to heart's content elsewhere.
  7. this.
  8. stay in your lane. allow adminstration to follow up on this individual. if they need your help, they know how to find you. focus on your patients and stop looking for trouble for this individual before trouble finds you.
  9. headinsandRN

    Christmas with Patient

    OP thanks for this reminder
  10. headinsandRN

    Just Need To Vent

    I can almost feel the pressure you were under from reading your post so I vote no, you are not being too sensitive. Sorry about your rough day. Hope your next shift is less intense and mike tyson md stays home.
  11. headinsandRN

    Student caught stealing....

    Put a scarlet letter on them They need it
  12. headinsandRN

    retaliation after resignation?

    document everything you do in detail to shut the window opportunity for someone to say you left a task undone.
  13. headinsandRN

    Turning down a position - ok to email?

    Send the thanks but no thanks email to the med sug job
  14. headinsandRN

    I am just Sad!

    Sorry for your loss
  15. if in the end your ultimate goal melts down to getting a job...any safe reasonable job, then the additional effort may be unjustified. Sadly, many have found that academic excellence doesn't trump experience in the job market.
  16. headinsandRN

    Sex in a LTC...is this ok?

    No foul Besides, Maslow says people need it