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  1. WIMurse

    Helpful Apps for CRNA school?????

    I will be starting CRNA school as well and I have asked around about recommendations for laptops. What the majority of people have told me is that any new laptop will do and to not get a Mac. I was hoping just the opposite so that I would have an excuse to get a trendy new computer, but peoples reason behind it is that some of the hospital-based programs and technology through their CRNA school is more compatable with a PC/Windows. Keep in mind, this is what I was told from a variety of SRNAs on a different forum. I think that if you are use to working with a Mac, then get a Mac, if not, then get what works best for you. As far as Apps, I have no idea, but I would like to get some for my phone, so if you get any recommendations, send them my way.
  2. WIMurse

    25 pushups

    I'm pretty sure that doing push-ups on the unit is an AWESOME idea and I like to see that others think the same way I do. HAHAHA! Mursing is fun!
  3. WIMurse

    Male + Nurse = Murse

    I love being a MURSE and I think that we should rock the term!
  4. WIMurse

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    Hey Guys, I also applied to the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and I am very excited about it! I got a call about being invited for an interview so I am a little nervous, but I have heard that it's pretty relaxed. Do any current or previous Minneapolis students have any input about the program, Pros and Cons, clinical information, etc? Thanks and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
  5. WIMurse

    Accepted at UW-LaCrosse!

    Hey, I was recently accepted to UW LaCrosse/Franciscan Skemp and I was wondering how you guys liked it. What are some pros and cons of the program? How are the classes? Do you have any recommendations before starting?
  6. WIMurse

    I got in!!! Rosalind Franklin 2013

    AWESOME! I have an interview coming up SOON and was wondering if you had any recommendations. Also, how is the test? Anything I should review? Please let me know because I want this more than anything. Thanks!
  7. WIMurse

    I got in!!! Rosalind Franklin 2013

    How was the interview? I have one coming up SOON and was wondering if you had any advice. Also, how is the test?