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    Use of IS with COVID

    It's common practice to use incentive spirometry (IS) post-op to prevent pneumonia, it's also used for lung injury and fever reduction. I haven't seen any data yet about the use of IS with COVID or prevention, but I believe it reasonable to assume that it could reduce the number of COVID+ developing pneumonia and requiring ventilation. It's not costly. People can also be taught breathing exercises without the use of equipment. Is anyone specifically using IS for COVID patients in their hospital? Or have an article to share?
  2. I am a new grad RN and I'm moving to San Diego in the spring 2011. I have an associates degree. I would like to work somewhere, and start taking classes for a bachelors after a year or so. I'm moving from Hawaii. I have some questions: Where would be a good place to live? I like beach towns that are convenient, but have a small-town feel. I would probably be far too overwhelmed in a place like NYC. But I don't want to live in a rural area either. I like to ride by bike most places, and it would be great if I could get around without a car. Where would be a good place to work? I'd love to be in a teaching hospital that prided itself on educating new grads and being leaders in technology and information. I'm coming from an extremely rural area and would prefer to get as much experience as possible. It needs to be a hospital that hires RN's with associate degrees. Where is a good place to go to school? Again, I'd like to get a quality education at a reputable university. I need to go someplace that offers the RN to BSN program. Thank you for any info you can offer! Aloha