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  1. time4nicu

    Common nicknames for hospital items.

    We use FLK funky looking kid (NICU humor) and I just heard one from an adult ICU nurse the other day that I had not heard before..... PHD pentecostal hair do .... this is when your patient who is pentecostal and has many hair pins in their hair and they are on the ventilator. Apparently the pins go everywhere in the bed.. She also said one of the other acronyms she saw on a dictation from an MD was PBTBKLO pine box to bedside keep lid open. Now that one is kinda freaky...
  2. time4nicu

    Breast milk Identification

    We have 9 computers (scanners connected) on wheels that we use for a 32 bed unit. Our census is usually about 18 to 20. Every three hours you must scan the milk as you would a medication. You must write an order and send to pharmacy to get the stickers in the first place. The system sucks, we hate it.... takes forever. You can still make mistakes by putting the wrong sticker on the bottle, or by handing the parents the wrong labels. This has happened before, but the mistake was caught before any stickers were placed on the bottle itself. Oh, has anyone started the pulse ox test before discharge yet? The test is done by placing two pulse ox probes (one on the right foot and one on the right wrist) both at the same time and leaving them on for five minutes comparing the two sats for differences. It seems everyday there is another test to be done before discharge.
  3. time4nicu

    Crib Cards & HIPPA - researching policies

    Thank goodness we still get to use scrapbook type crib cards. The parents love it so much!
  4. time4nicu

    Anyone working at penn state hershey medical ctr?

    I do not know how to do that...........
  5. Hello, Just curious, any of you work in the NICU Penn state Hershey medical center? Wondering if you know someone I just met. Thanks, time4nicu
  6. time4nicu

    morbidly obese mother of 9 yo twins given clomid=triplets

    Yes, I am sure you see this a lot, but what I forgot to tell you is..she is on welfare,sleeps with a cpap, and gets a disablity check.
  7. Have any of you heard of an OB perscribing clomid to a morbidly obese patient who already has twins? I am astonished!
  8. time4nicu

    Cuddle Therapy

    We do not have this at our hospital, but it would come in handy sometimes.
  9. Okay, I am going to whine a little. Since 2005 I have been on our clinical ladder and have taken it to the highest level which is 4. Every other year I must do a full packet, on off years my packet is very little work. This has been awesome untill this year. Level IIII packets now have to include 12 hours of some sort of research. I am going crazy! All of our unit research is done, and I am left with no project to do. Is is worth it to start a new research project for one more dollar an hour? I am thinking of stepping down to a level III. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. time4nicu

    Level 3c to a Level 2b... Will I get bored??

    Most of my friends that come from level three to our level two love it. You can still take sick babies if you want, although they may not be as sick as you are used to. Our unit is a 30 some bed unit and we get 28 weekers and above. My friends whom love all the action of a level three nursery never complain about our kids not being intensive enough.
  11. time4nicu

    Breast milk Identification

    We do the barcode scanning and must diligently chart in a very specific way. Our boss sits at her computer everyday monitoring who scanned the milk and charted correctly and who didnt. If our times do not match up (from the time we scanned and the time we chart we fed) we must go to the computer center and back chart. Major pain in the buttocks. I realize it is good to be safe, but I liked our old system of two nurse check better. Way less time consuming.
  12. time4nicu

    What do you thinkf of "Magnet"?

    Paphg rl..... Magnet is a scam. I was asked to be on the "magnet team" this year, and I turned it down. My friend at work told me "It is so fun because you get a free lunch once a month". I almosted laughed in her face. Basically the hospital is paying for someone to give them an award so that they can turn around and brag in their advertisements for the hospital. time4nicu
  13. time4nicu

    So disppointed...

    It is great in the NICU at Christmas time! We put up a tree and decorate all the babies beds with holiday linen....the parents bring in lots of treats....yay Mostly what I like is getting yearly cards from many of our past babies. I love to see how much the infants have changed as the years go by. NICU is the best place to work in the hospital, although it can be tough to get into at first. You will love it once you graduate and get a job! Good luck.....(smiles)
  14. time4nicu

    What do you thinkf of "Magnet"?

    Funny....I was just saying today that I think magnet is a joke. I do not know anyone who comes to our hospital because we are a "magnet" hopsital. I guess it is like putting your house up for sale and listing all the great things your house has to offer. It looks good on paper....so you can brag to other hospitals. Administration gets off on this stuff! Weird.... Seems like a waste of time and money if you ask me.
  15. time4nicu

    Burned out with Level 3, should I go to Level 2?

    OMG....I have not worked level 3, but my co workers who have say that level 2 is where its at for long term jobs. I mean, why suffer in a level 3 when you can occassionally suffer in a level 2? I love my job, its challenging enough, but it is laid back too. You are not a failure because you do not want to be stressed out for the rest of your career. Go for it...you will love it Jeri