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Mom of four, Medical Assistant turned Bookkeeper, Rehab Office Coor who took a chance on her dreams of becoming a nurse. Nursing school here I come, Lord help me! Lol!

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  1. Nurse2b7337

    Which Mac Air? 11" or 13"

    I have the 13" but it's not the Air. I love it!!!
  2. Nurse2b7337

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    OMG i know the .02 of a point misery!!!! This happened to me and I just about died. This thread is very refreshing and motivational. It hurts to see everyone else move on and you don't. Thanks for the kind words.
  3. Nurse2b7337

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta Georgia

    Hello there I am a current student at Chamberlain in Atlanta. I took almost ALL of my prereq's at a community college in GA. This helps to cut down on the costs tremendously IMO. I took all of my Math and Sciences, Philosophies, etc... There are a few prereq's that were required by Chamberlain like another Sociolgy for Healthcare but as with any school they may be other classes required by the school. Good luck to You and I hope that answered your question!! :-)
  4. Nurse2b7337

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    I second that...I didn't buy the I clicker either every teacher is different though. L/D for me @ allnurses.com
  5. Wow! Kick her while she's down why don't you. You're correct nursing isn't for everyone however, she graduated from her mursing program.doesn't that account for something??? OP, take a break and regroup then jump back to it if this is your dream. L/D for me @ allnurses.com
  6. Let's see....I've been in Healthcare for 10 years. I've worked in Long Term Care and loved it. I started my journey in nursing when I turned 38. I am currently in a BSN program and I am 40. My thought to you if it's your dream age shouldn't matter. I just recently read on here that someone is starting a nursing program and they're 51!!! I would say go for it!! You don't want to spend your life wondering what would have happened if you had tried......good luck to you!!
  7. Nurse2b7337

    How To Become A Labor and Delivery Nurse?

    No problem at all! I'm sure you must be busy on yr job. Thanks for the reply. I am now, in a nursing program. I have had four children and each of my nurses were awesome. So I have known a while too that's this is the specialty that I'd like to work in. I can't wait for clinicals in OB. What is yr average day like?
  8. I generally went straight by the book. The book as well as powerpoints you attain from yr instructor is where yr test comes from. If I didn't understand a concept I would seek out YouTube videos. Always read ahead before class as this helps in understanding and being prepared as yr instructor explains during class. Good Luck!
  9. Nurse2b7337

    I Passed!

    Way to go!! Woooohooooo new nurse in tha house!!!
  10. Nurse2b7337

    Anatomy & Phy

    ​Hello I would try to see if I could get the syllabus. If you can go ahead and skim the chapters that you'll be discussing the first week. Most professors will send this to you. Good luck, oh and watching Youtube videos should help as well.
  11. Nurse2b7337

    My First 12 Hour Clinical Day

    Hello there what a great experience you had. I haven't had a 12hr shift yet. I've only had one session and during that session it was one 8hr day for 7weeks. I thought I would get a 12 hour shift but no luck just yet. Congrats to you and I hope you have many more like that one. I love clinical's they were nervous and exciting all at the same time. I plan to make friends on the site that I really want to work at. Even though every site that I get the pleasure to participate in I will be grateful. Thanks for your post I love to hear the positives from clinical's.
  12. Nurse2b7337

    Passed the Exit RN HESI with 934

    Congrats!!! I too, will have to face the Hesi next year. We have Hesi's after every class in school as our finals. I think it's good preparation!:-)
  13. Nurse2b7337

    New grads in L&D?

    Wow! This is the specialty that I want to work in. Yay, there's hope for new grads!! Congrats on landing a job so soon.
  14. Kudos to you!! That's a great example of following your dreams! Thanks for your post!!
  15. Nurse2b7337

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    Congrats to everyone on your acceptance. I just finished Funds2 NR226 and Health Assessment2 304. Enjoy the ride!!
  16. Nurse2b7337

    Fundamentals & Core Nursing Class Tips

    lorirn@b you're so right about the planner. There were so many things that were thrown at me at once. It's probably due to it being an accelerated program. Remember it will be challenging but give it your best shot an you'll be fine.