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  1. debsgreys

    NCC Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification

    the main one I love, my Bible for OB, Perinatal Nursing by Kathleen Simpson. Also Straight A`s in Maternal Neonatal Nursing, and Maternal Newborn Reviews and Rationales. These two gave me practice questions. I also used CE direct for practice. I have been out of nursing school for many many years, but an OB nurse for 33. So I really had to refresh the why I do what I do. Hope this helps. Best of luck!!!
  2. debsgreys

    Postpartum couplet care

    We usually have three couplets, or two couplets an ante and NICU mom. We try to stay at five or six patients. Right now I work day shift so you may go over while your one discharge has not left yet. We have no CNA or tech. It definitely keeps you moving, especially since we will be having a visit from the "Baby Friendly" staff in the spring and the state any day now. Night shift runs with the same staffing ratio. Our patients stay in L&D for two hours after delivery. Hope this helps you.
  3. debsgreys

    Anyone switch from L&D to MB?

    I could have written this topic! I have been in the OB field for 33 years! It found me, after working on a GYN floor part time, I returned to work to find out I would be working in the nursery every other weekend. Back then orientation was 2 shifts. I stayed there 18 years, than went to L&D. Mother baby is my love for about the last 8 years. I too was not enjoying the stressful situations and very fast pace. I am at the end of my career and enjoy caring for moms and their babies in what I call it the only time in life where a woman is taken care of. Yes I am in the minority at work, our L&D nurses rotate to the unit, using a log book. LOL Best of luck to you!
  4. debsgreys

    Admitting newborn at the bedside

    We always have an admission nurse at each delivery. We are in the process of becoming Baby Friendly ( I do not like the term). She does meds, admission asses. etc. Our moms stay in L&D for 2 hours.They both are transferred to our M/B unit. The baby never leaves the room. We have even done skin to skin in the OR, if mom and baby are stable. If not baby meets up with mom in RR. Our patients are informed at their early prenatal visits of the process of mom/baby. Rarely do we have complaints that there is no nursery for their baby to go to at night.
  5. debsgreys

    Moving back to L+D

    Go back to your true love and life with your family will work out, because you will be happy in your career choice.
  6. debsgreys

    The best excuses for positive drug screens

    A UDS is done on every patient that is admitted. Oh yea I have heard many excused. Positive for cocaine, I think I used the straw that was up my boyfriends nose (gross )
  7. debsgreys

    Baby Friendly- getting a tad over the top

    WoW, I could have written the question asked. We are 3/4 through becoming Baby Friendly, how I hate that term though.We just went back to doing couplet care, which I love when we have the proper staff. I agree the education needs to begin during prenatal care. We allow one person to spend the nite with mom and have changed our introduction form they receive in L&D to explain what is expected of the person staying with mom. We are not a hotel for them to sleep all nite. I really enjoy reading what others are doing with this change. I have worked in OB for over 32 years, so I am close to retiring.
  8. debsgreys

    gloucester county college 2014

    I am so happy to see nursing students living in my area. I will retire in about five years. I went to GCC out of high school, and completed the program in two years. I believe we had three students out of class about 75 complete in the two years. But like I told my daughter 40 years ago the medical field was not as complicated as it is now. Just think what has happened in the last forty years in medicine. Best of luck to all of you!! I predict a shortage in the next ten years. There are at least five in my department my age. LOL
  9. debsgreys

    SNF Post-Acute rehab to OB

    We hire nurses with no previous OB experience. They have a an orientation to WBN, M/B. If they are hired for L&D they orient there for quite a while. Sometimes when nurses bring there experience it may be different, say from a teaching hospital to a non. I am near retirement and pray my replacement would be a nurse that really wants to be there experience or not. Best of Luck to all looking for OB
  10. debsgreys

    learning resources

    Is any literature given to mom on admission to floor? We give a big folder with lots of pamphlets regarding newborn care. Blood work we do, car seat safety, SIDS, Also contains a small booklet about feeding, using bulb syringe, taking temperature, etc. If so the information would be the same as the nurses caring for mom and baby. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy this unit. Teaching is a very big part on this unit, with such a short time to complete.
  11. debsgreys

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    My brothers' name is Forrest Wood named after my dad, my grandfather middle name is Brick, thank God my mom did not name my brother Forrest Brick Wood
  12. debsgreys

    Am I just being a baby?

    Sounds unsafe. We do postpartum / nursery at present. Usually 4-5 moms, no techs. We are working on becoming baby friendly so we are suppose to go to couplet care, praying for 1-3 not 3-4. Especially on day shift with so much teaching to be done and discharges that can consume so much time. I really don't know what to tell you to do, but it certainly is not fair to the pt
  13. debsgreys

    AWHONN Guidelines for staffing

    that is what I am afraid of, crazy&cuteRN,how can u give good care, all the teaching on the care plan, etc. with 10 pts??
  14. debsgreys

    AWHONN Guidelines for staffing

    I would love to know where you work melmarie23! LOL
  15. debsgreys

    AWHONN Guidelines for staffing

    At this time we are Postpartum/Nursery, with 5 moms, no CNA or tech.We are in the process of becoming " Baby Friendly", and realize we need to go back to couplet care. The staff has expressed their opinion on ratio numbers with all the care and teaching involved that 3 couplets it should be. We do have lactation, but limited hours on day shift. I will keep my fellow OB nurses informed of our progress. LOL