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  1. Hi did you get in at kharj i am also an applicant may i know gow many months till you got deployed? Hoping for your reply thanks! 

  2. lady_marie

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    to kacep: hi!!im from arjoys agency..i wud just like to ask if do u have the ticket wid u??or do u have a flyt skedul??ill wait for your rply.. thnx a lot and god bless!!
  3. lady_marie

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    for marj: yup i was included on the frst batch!!and the 2nd batch was released last friday and only 14 visa came..try to call the agency po..
  4. lady_marie

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    hello!!i also aplied at arjoy's agency..i already have my visa last july 30 and up to now i am still waiting for my ticket.. do u have already a visa with u??

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