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  1. coolblue2

    Bluffton/HH Island pay...

    I was wondering if anyone had insight as to pay rates for the Hilton Head Island, Coastal Carolina hospitals. OR and PACU in particular. Thanks!
  2. coolblue2

    NAU concurrent program---pricing

    They are still accepting provisionals for the Fall 2012 term.
  3. coolblue2

    NAU concurrent program---pricing

    You can apply with up to 7 credits pending. How long ago did you take Chem? I'm not sure how important it will be, I can't imagine using anything I learned in Chem class....
  4. coolblue2

    NAU concurrent program---pricing

    In the Spring 2012 semester we are taking 10 credits through Maricopa @ $76 p/credit and 2 credits through NAU @ $327 p/credit. There are additional fees such as lab fees totaling around $150. Books are aprrox $800 but should get us through all 4 blocks. Total tuition for Block 1...$1,757. (this includes fees but not books).
  5. coolblue2

    NAU/MCCD Concurrent Cohort

    Yea!!! I am so excited for you guys! Gabby ~ I enrolled myself into NUR330...I checked the class yesterday and there are only 20 or so seats taken with a capacity of 80. Shandfi ~ yes, books are a huge expense! I buy all of mine from CL or ebay. Instructors usually let you use a previous edition which can save a lot of money. A friend of mine that is now in block 3 says to only buy the required texts...not the suggested texts. Where were you placed?? It appears that all concurrent student will be in NUR330 together, regardless of MCCCD placement...? Is that correct? I can't wait to meet everyone!!!
  6. coolblue2


    I took all the classes I could. I finished all pre req's for ASU, GCU, CAC and NAU. After being on the wait list for less than a year, my hard work paid off and I was accepted into the NAU concurrent program, but let me tell you, I busted my back to get there and I did all of the leg work, (searching and investigating every possible avenue of study) spoke with every adviser until the were sick of seeing me in their office. I applied to and sent transcripts to every school in AZ....in the end, when the NAU program was announced, I was ready. Be ready! Things are changing with all of the nursing programs, new avenues of study are opening up all the time. Stay informed and get into one of the hospitals as a volunteer or CNA, it's a great way to network!
  7. As a nursing student people are always asking me what I want to specialize in. While I have a pretty good idea I would like to hear from you all with experience. How did you know what area of nursing you wanted to be in? When did it come to you and how long after graduating did you get into your field of choice?? Did you get right in? Is there an area that you wish you could get into?? I have had one professor tell me over and over again to do two years in med/surg then decide. I do know that I will go on for my Masters and become an NP but that is still a long ways off.
  8. coolblue2

    NAU/MCCD Concurrent Cohort

    I thought I would start a thread for those that have already started the concurrent program and for those of us that were just accepted into the program. I would love to hear from you all that are all ready knee deep in block one. ~ How was NUR330? ~ Do you have books to sell? ~ Any advice on required text for Block 1? Are they allowing you to use past editions? ~ Required materials etc..? ~ How does your shedule work with lecture, lab and clinical time? As you guys move forward with block 1, let us know if the additional NAU class is bogging you down. I know that I am still walking around with a huge smile on my face after weeks of worry and constantly checking my email for the acceptance letter. I am so eager to get going with classes, purchase scrubs, books etc. Has everyone enrolled in NUR330 already? Are you taking other classes this semester or taking it easy till all chaos breaks loose in January? Did you get your first choice of location? I will be at MCC. I look forward to getting to "know" all of you. See you in September.
  9. coolblue2

    GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

    The youngest? oh geeze, I hope I'm not the oldest!! Ha! I enrolled in NAU as soon as they announced the program, got my fin aid and everything set up. I didn't want anything holding up my application. The admission process went very quickly, it took them about a week to receive my transcripts, but it was not during a busy enrollment session as we are in now. Stay on top of them! Have you contacted one of the extended campus nursing advisers? I emailed Stephanie Sinner and received a response right away.
  10. coolblue2

    GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

    Sara J, I got my letter too! I guess I am one of the 19 (funny, I immediately counted the recipients) on that email list you mentioned. I am so excited I can't stand myself!! I worked my tail off this summer to finish up all classes and maintain my GPA and it definitely paid off. Are you all signed up for NUR330?? Jenn
  11. coolblue2

    Did being a CNA make you NOT want to be a nurse anymore?

    I am half way through my clinical portion of CNA class. The first day at the facility I did have moments when I thought I couldn't go through with nursing at all. By the end of the day I knew for sure that nursing is the right choice for me and that I must continue on and get straight A's so that I don't end up doing CNA work!!! I do admire the good CNA's out there ( I have come across some pretty crappy ones in the short three days at the facility) the residents are totally dependent upon them and they truly do make a difference in this world. The RN's do seam to do nothing more than meds and charting, but I know from experience in a hospital setting that RN work does entail much more than that. Don't be discouraged. Remember that when you do become an RN you will have a better understanding of what your aids are going through and how to communicate with them more effectively. All of the RN's I have spoken with have told me that a good CNA is invaluable and can make or break your day.