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  1. Inspiration.

    Midwestern State University online PMHNP program

    Hey! Have you guys applied to this program??
  2. Hey! I just applied to Case Western's FNP Program from Spring 2013. I would love it if other applicants would share their experiences. Has anyone heard anything back?? Also, for current students, what is the program like, especially being in a distance format. Thanks!
  3. Hey! I was wondering if anyone is planning to or has already applied to Johns Hopkins CNS Program fro Spring 2013. Also, is there anyone already in the program who can tell me what the experience has been like thus far? I am a new grad and have been told that you need a year fo experience before you can complete the clinical courses. Im wondering how long it takes considering that (you have to go part time at first and take non-clinical courses). Any feedback from applicants and current students would be great!
  4. Inspiration.

    Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

    Yes, and an A is 94-100. I was trying to go in for that 4.0. haha. I will be moving down there is weekend as well. Did you find a place? Orangesky24 I am starting at Brookline on May 9th. :) ARe you thinking of applying?
  5. Inspiration.

    Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

    hey ifuture9, do you live in Arizona?? Great to meet more people starting the program!
  6. Inspiration.

    Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

    Hey! Yes, I did. Im starting in May! yes, they are provisional, but it doesn't affect you getting your license. You should definitely apply. I will send you a message with my number.
  7. Inspiration.

    Brookline college accelerated program

    Nurses are the highest in demand right now within the medical field. If you dont find one in AZ, you will def find one somewhere else.
  8. Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?
  9. Inspiration.

    Brookline college accelerated program

    You should be able to find a job once you pass the board exam.
  10. Inspiration.

    Brookline college accelerated program

    So where did u end up applying?
  11. Inspiration.

    Brookline college accelerated program

    But I called the AZ board of nursing and the Texas BON (where I'm from) and they said that its not a big deal to be provisionally accredited esp with Brookline because they know the reputation of the school. My friends went to schools that were provisionally accredited and they never had probs, even tho some of the schools didn't become accredited for 1-3 or so years after they graduated. Do you live in AZ?
  12. Inspiration.

    Brookline College (Arizona)?

    Hey, did you find out info about this school???
  13. Inspiration.

    Brookline college accelerated program

    Hey! I am applying to start in May. Did you end up there??
  14. Inspiration.

    University of southern nevada january 2010

    Hey eeguess! Let's talk!! I have good lead on apts and roommate searches. Ill send you a private msg with my number! Congrats to you too. Everyone else, it takes like 2 wks to hear. Don't fret!
  15. Inspiration.

    University of Southern Nevada

    Hey guys!! I got in about 3 weeks ago. It took me about 2 weeks to hear back, so i am guessing my score fell into the 80+ range. Do not be scared. I believe that once you had an interview, and it went okay, you are IN. I know several other people waiting to hear back. If you have any questions, feel free to reply private msg me. i am currently looking for a roomie or two other roomies. If anyone who is in (or still anticipating an answer) is interested, let me know! I am here for any questions, like I said. Yay to the Future class of July 2012!!