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micco specializes in OR.

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  1. micco

    finding preceptors

    I am going to start cold calling offices and dropping in. for those have had success finding preceptors in the past, did you take a cover letter, resume, course objectives? gave you give me a example of the cover letter? or if anyone can help me find a preceptor in Northern Nevada that would be great!
  2. micco


    I am the 3rd semester of my FNP program and will start clinicals in January. how did you find preceptors? I have only lived in Reno, NV for a short time and have only worked in a federal hospital and have no contacts in the community. need some suggestion. thanks
  3. you have to print the form, sign it, and then scan it to upload the signed form.
  4. micco

    beth el

    do anyone know when beth el will announce who was accepted for the masters program -NP program in Fall 2012?
  5. I moved to Reno 9 months ago and like it. I use the Renown system and have had good experiences all around (x-ray, vascular, urgent care, primary care). I work at another facility in town. Even though Reno is known for gambling it is very close to Tahoe and the city is big enough that you dont have to be exposed to the tourist, gambling parts unless you want to. Lots of great restaurants, shopping, etc.
  6. micco

    moving to Reno, any advice

    thanks for all the info. just got back from house hunting in Reno. had a couple of interviews, but havent heard anything back yet. keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. micco


    chloraprep is used for surgery and can be applied without sterile gloves on. like any skin prep containing alcohol, chloraprep must dry before drapes are applied. where I work now, chloraprep is what most general surgeons use.
  8. micco

    drive time

    how is the required response time if you take call
  9. micco

    moving to Reno, any advice

    thanks for the info. I am also looking for a kennel. my dogs will need to be in a kennel for 2 weeks until we can move into our house. any advice on pizza places, mexican, steak, sushi. thanks again
  10. micco

    moving to Reno, any advice

    Hi, I'm moving to Reno in Dec 2009 and am looking for info and opinions on best grocery stores in northwest Reno, restaurants, best deals on children's clothes, etc. also looking for a job too if anyone has any leads. thanks
  11. micco

    The Sierra Nevada VA

    what department will you be working in? if you hear of anything in the operating room, med surg, or emergency room, please let me know. thanks
  12. micco

    The Sierra Nevada VA

    thanks. feeling a bit anxious about job huntng in December
  13. micco

    The Sierra Nevada VA

    have you heard anything from Sierra VA? I am moving to the Reno area in December and have thought about applying as I currently work at an Army hospital.
  14. micco

    jobs in Reno

    thanks for the info. i do have 3 years of OR experience and 1 year of ER.
  15. micco

    jobs in Reno

    Hi all. i am moving to the Reno area in November. Does anyone know of any OR openings? any opinions on the VA hospital in Reno? thanks
  16. where I work, bunionectomies are done frequently with MAC and a block