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  1. bonnevie13

    Help Needed With Exam Question

    Great response for a future NURSE miss addisonLawrence03!
  2. bonnevie13

    New Grad lucky to land an ICU position!!

    Congratulations to you for being PRO-ACTIVE......Good things DON'T usually come to those who WAIT, and the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease! Old cliche's, none the less, wise!
  3. bonnevie13

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

    I'm almost 100 percent positive.....NO chemistry. All the previous posts are pretty accurate in the advice given to help you prepare for the Kaplan. One very important suggestion is to take breaks in between each test. Even if you just leave the room, do some deep breathing exercises and get a drink of water to help you re-focus. Good Luck! You WILL do great!
  4. bonnevie13

    So sad

    Well, first of all don't feel like your dumb....fact is your IN the nursing program so you obviously are NOT dumb. Re-evaluate how you studied to learn the material, talk to some of your other classmates who passed; ask them for some study tips on this particular section, talk with the instructor; possibly go over the test, find your weaknesses in that subject area if any. Go for tutoring. Are you able to re-take this test? If not, YOU WILL do better on the next one! One step back, three steps forward! When you fall; get UP, dust off, and take off running; head up, eyes forward with the determination and hard work that it took for you to get into this program! YOU will succeed, with your eye on the prize - !
  5. bonnevie13

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    How about Michigan? Any new grads being hired, where, and what is the salary range?
  6. bonnevie13

    I am about to quit this!

    Now that's the attitude! Yay for YOU allnurses best site for "venting" compassionate caring support without judgment! These are just a few of the qualities that encompass a GREAT NURSE
  7. bonnevie13

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

    In response to "tad more to it" I remember asking "what if" questions to the Dean. She put it this way; Say 5 people all have the the EXACT same points (hypothetically speaking 25.9). My question; The last spot open, 5 people, same over-all points; Who will get that last spot? She replied that they look at when the student applied to the program (declaring their major in nursing), and the earliest date would be the one who got the spot.....so I guess this may be ONE reason it takes a bit longer; down to the last one hundredth of a point, students finishing up their pre-requisites (so final grade GPA can be re-calculated) and when you declared your major in nursing! I do agree with you, they probably have a good idea of the candidates who qualify. I'm sure they do NOT want to make any mistake, especially when your dealing with a point system that comes down to the hundredth point position and only a handful of seats open with MANY applicants. Concentrate on the three "P's" Patience, Positive attitude, and PRAYER....
  8. bonnevie13

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

    My total score was 7.2 (which was a 72 on the Kaplan.....Unfortunately I fell short on the science and the writing section..did very well in reading comp and math) my grade pt. was 3.86 and I received all points for no transfer credit or re-take. When I took the Kaplan, the group I was in was the first at the school to take the test. I found the Kaplan study guide to be VERY different from the actual test. None the less; I was not happy with my score. The only reason I knew where I stood after not being accepted into the program was a call I put into the head of the Nursing Dept. She informed me that I was #52, only 45 were admitted (up five from the previous year). I also had one point for re-apply. It has been almost a year since I first took the Kaplan (I took it in the fall of 2010). So guessing I would say I had roughly 25.14 points total. The reason for my post on PLAN B, was a mere suggestion. Unfortunately for some people who have great GPA, but do not do as well on the Kaplan; could possibly be due to anxiety, the pass or fail anxiety, this ONE test is crucial to gain as many points possible. When testing for a particular class, if you don't do well on one test, many times there are plenty others that you have the opportunity to do better on. So my suggestion was simple.....Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Nursing School is VERY competitive and you have to always be on the top of your game. I will say you did VERY WELL on your Kaplan (KUDOS to you)! When I applied the Nursing Dept. head informed me that the average (when I first took it) was around 76. Seems like you have a good chance, which is dependent on the AVERAGE score of all testers applying, GPA, re-take and transfer classes and of course the re-app points. Good Luck and hope you get accepted! .
  9. bonnevie13

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

    Just a note to all those who have taken the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Test and are waiting for your letters in regards to acceptance into the Nursing Program of your choice......always have a plan B.....when I heard others talk of this....I was thinking, plan B.....what? I've committed to this particular institution; academically and financially..plan B...NOT IN THE PLAN. Unfortunately for me the first time applying my total over-all points were not enough......and so I wait until the next round.....the second time around after taking the Kaplan, and re-applying to the ADN program I was #52 out of 45 accepted into the program, the only difference was I had a PLAN B. I am starting Nursing school (ADN) program at a college where I feel at home, and am ecstatic and blessed to begin in August of this year.: So you can sit around and WAIT and HOPE while doing your best to get in, or sit around and WAIT and HOPE while doing your best with a PLAN B included! What is meant to be (as the saying goes) might not be the blessing that you had your sights set upon.... in reality... IS THE BLESSING you didn't even see! For me, plan B was just what I was praying for! (I did not know this at that time) GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, and always have a PLAN B:thankya:
  10. bonnevie13

    Areas of nursing

    Anywhere there is a shortage, and a RN is needed! This way I will be able to utilize all the skills I will have learned in school and acquired through job experience, someplace where I can make a difference.... (I know this sounds cliche....being a new comer to the world of nursing I think most of us have not yet reached the point of burn-out YET! :w00t: (I must also note, at my age when I'm finally finished with my degree's I will be fortunate be be offered any job)! :anpom:My goal; in 15 years-a completed masters in Nursing, 10 years of nursing care experience; and for the last working years of my life, a nursing instructor for a college or university! Life is Good....GOD is GREAT:thankya:
  11. bonnevie13

    Very sad and discouraged about nursing school

    Please don't be discouraged. You have the heart and passion, and compassion to be a great nurse. Things will work out! You are determined and have proven to yourself that you CAN, and you WILL get in the program the next time around. Remember, I wrote to you that I didn't make the cut TWICE before I finally was accepted into the program. Don't let this deter your plans. Continue taking classes, one's that will help you obtain your Bachelor's Degree! Remember......stay positive....know that there is a reason for everything. Don't give up.....we all encounter circumstances that don't quite work as we planned, so change gears....just keep heading in the direction of your DREAM!
  12. bonnevie13

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    Melissa825, I look forward to your post at the end of this week, or by MONDAY reporting the good news that you were accepted into the program at Mercy College in N.C for the Fall of 2011!:)
  13. bonnevie13

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    Meghantk, A 'C' is not a bad grade, and at least you have a positive attitude to find some "good news'" after you received your grade! We are all hard on ourselves to try to achieve all A's (perfection) No one is perfect, but what is perfect is that you are trying your best. Good Luck on the rest of your exams this week! YOU WILL do great!
  14. bonnevie13

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    AddisonLawrence, I didn't get your message! So I tried something different! Hopefully you get this last one I've sent! Let me know! I wonder where the messages went?!?
  15. bonnevie13

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    AddisonLawrence, Just sent you a private message!
  16. bonnevie13

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    AddisonLawrence03, not sure where everyone has went. Did you apply to be accepted in the the ADN for the Fall 2011? And what state do you live in? I'm from Michigan, and I applied for the ADN for fall 2011!