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    heamoglobin of 6 and pt got iron only

    pt is not jehovah witness and is 77 yrs old asian guy practicing religion which does not restricts blood.

    heamoglobin of 6 and pt got iron only

    There is a scenario where pt had hgb of 6 , age 75 male with hx of diabetes and heart bypass surgery done 4 yrs ago. He was just given iron by doctors but after 4 days he still had hgb as 6. His egd and colonoscopy results came negative. Diabetes is managed. I am wondering why iron was hung before blood. Should not he be getting 2 units of blood if he had anemia. Will this kind of anemia treated by diet and meds at home or rehab and we will see difference later. I am confused because in all nursing books, low hgb increases chance of stroke or heart failure. Any input is appreciated

    Will volunteer work help you get a job?

    Like all replies, I agree too that volunteering helps in getting a job because it also helps employers know about your compassion for serving people. A letter of recommendation from your supervisor at volunteer office goes a long way. All the best :)
  4. Hi, Is it ok to take advanced pharmacology and advanced health assessment course together in a NP program with 3 days 12 hr shift job. I am in a program where both subjects are to be taken as advised by school but I am wondering that will I be able to keep up my grades between A and B. What can be the best plan to study and what kind of testing modes are used ? quizzes or case studies or both. Thanks

    best places to live in fresno, ca

    My sister got a job in Fresno Community hospital. She is looking for some good areas with good elementary and high schools to relocate there. I know about Clovis. Are there any other good areas ?
  6. I was trying to get a job interview for a certain hospital since a year and luckily I have a 1st stage - phone interview next week. I do not care for salary or commute as I adore this hospital work environment. There would be phone interview. I know I can answer all questions but am just nervous like hell. I have 14 months RN experience. What kind of questions the recruiter can ask me with my year experience. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. I am excited, nervous,happy, scared...

    need some advice for working night shift

    I agree with nurse2033 and deangel, Good sleep and routine is very important and at same time because it is night time many nurses like to rest and you would be hearing your name called out several times. Be prepared for real hard work and get tips from veteran CNA's.

    how to cope with humiliation

    how do you cope with humiliation when called inside manger's office when it is not your fault

    i want to pass my nclex rn

    hurst review is best ! I passed in 1st try with 75 questions. if you cannot afford live review then buy her pathophysiology review book from barnes and noble. it goes through all systems.

    How do you manage your spouses in nursing

    Thank you arigato and others, no, my husband otherwise is helpful with kids and some errands at home but he feels as if after getting added paycheck at home, I am being snooty and want to boss. He has a very decent paying job but this is 1st time that a woman in his family is doing so much stuff at one time. Regarding in-laws , they do not help with anything but add always more to arguments and will always find fault in me only. In their opinion, women's job is to sit at home cook , clean , raise kids ( Which I was doing for 10 yrs ). I think, I will take some days off after thanksgiving and will spend complete week with my family, may be that will help. I want no problems in my marriage as I have little kids. I will try ! wish me luck
  11. I am currently enrolled in 6 hrs of msn school, 3 days/wk RN job and a mother of kindergartner and middle school school child. Sometimes my frustration comes out on my family and I snap at my hubby. He takes it seriously and thinks that by being independent, I am treating her badly. I was housewife for 10 yrs before I joined nursing. Its not like that. I care my family and am aware that due to being busy, I neglect them sometimes. I hate my in-laws and if they come to know that there are now emerging arguments between us, they will make it worse. Both my parents are dead. My siblings liv every far from me. I have to make everyone happy, my kids, my managers, my hubby, my friends. its too much. I do not cry but inside I am crying all the time and pretend to be happy.

    Missing Daytonite

    I read many of her posts and definitely this forum will miss her a lot !

    Got a call for interview, but had applied 8 months back

    Crusadersfun, This is my 1st job and I am new grad RN. I had applied for this floor when I did not have any job experience, only certifications and license. telemetry would be my second job and this is 15 min less drive from my current job. thanks all for encouraging me.
  14. I am a med-surg floor nurse and sometime during last yr I applied for this cardiac tele floor and got a call from them this weekend after 8 mos that the manager wants to interview me. My present job environment sucks but am doing good as job performance goes. I am still shot of 5 mos experience to make it an year at present job. Should I consider taking this job in tele floor with less than an year experience of med-surg. I have ACLS and certification in dysrhythmia course. I am wondering, what if oppurtunity does not knock on my door after this then what ? Economy does not seem good though ! Salary is same in both places.

    New Grad with no experience feels like being discriminated

    Strawberrypie, Don't give up hope and keep trying. Go door to door with your resumes and meet nurse managers. I had a friend who applied to 72 jobs online untill she started going physically on floors and she got a job within a month. Keep trying and somebody will realize your worth. All the best:nurse: