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  1. hello pattysc First thing, I would like to congratulate you on pursuing nursing with two lttle ones. All I did was register for the classes and they said it was ok. Intro to chemistry and intro to biology interacts with each other. So far I'm doing well in both classes(I have not had a science class in 22 yrs). Its alot of studying, homework, and tutoring. I believe at my age its a little more challenging. You also must have a strict study plan. Also my advise to you is to talk to your adviser. I hope this answers your questions and give you better insight on your decision.
  2. pope6974

    A Goodnight Kiss and A Bedtime Story

    thanks for the heart warming story! This made my day because you hardly hear the great stories about nursing! congratulations on being a great person!
  3. pope6974

    Best time to take the Pax TEST

    Spring 2011 I will be taking intro to chem & Bio. The Pax test is feb 2011 which means that I will only have one month of science. I am trying to get in the Fall 2011 nursing class. I am nervous amout passing the science part because of the little time of studying the subject. please help with any opinions.
  4. I'm taking intro to BIO and Intro to Chem in the spring......nervous!
  5. pope6974

    Is my spring class schedule too much!

    :) Thanks everyone for your opinions!
  6. I am half way through my first semester of my pre-nursing; doing pretty well. I will be registering for my spring classes on october 21. The classes that I will be taking are the following: intermediate algebra, introduction to Biology, Introduction to chemistry, and English composition. I am umemployed right now, but was thinking about getting a part-time job. Please help with my decision; all opinions are welcomed. Laura
  7. I would suggest you to retake the classes at a community college; it shows how determined you are to become a nurse! You will definately will be eligible for grants and loans when the time comes. Laura
  8. pope6974

    want some experience

    I am a pre-nursing student that wants some experience before I become a full blown RN....What is the the best way to get started. Thank you very much for any opinions.
  9. pope6974

    Fall 2010 Classes!!

    I am only taking fundamental classes(algebra,adv reading,writing, nursing computers clas)for fall which means its going to be a easy. My spring classes is going to be chem with lab, Bio with lab, interm algebra,composition! Good luck everyone.
  10. pope6974

    Excited pre-nursing student!

    :) Thank you everyone for the welcome! For my prerequisites---- 1st semester algebra, basic writing, microsoft office , and advance reading class....2nd semester intro biology and lab, intro to chem to lab, adv composition, and intermediate algebra.....then take the NET....not too bad
  11. pope6974

    Excited pre-nursing student!

    GreenTeaMochi, hello to you too!
  12. pope6974

    Excited pre-nursing student!

    Aneres1390, thank you very much for the welcome!
  13. pope6974

    Excited pre-nursing student!

    Hello everyone, Will be starting my pre-nursing program on aug 23. I am so excited to be connected with all of you to give me that extra push to get through my classes. Now onward to the adventure.