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  1. truckinusa

    Schools move to Diploma programs?

    I’m wondering why schools don’t just move to operate within the hospitals as diploma programs? It could solve a lot of problems related to the understaffing. Maybe my thinking isn’t well thought out but always wondered why more diploma options don’t exist in the first place? The situation in California with 14,000 students in limbo is unacceptable.
  2. truckinusa

    What is the salary range for a new grad in Tulsa?

    I think it depends on what type of job you take out of school. Best paying is dialysis from what I’ve heard. $22-$28 is my guess.
  3. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    I wonder if the waitlisted people will get a chance after this virus? Bet people are scared. T
  4. truckinusa

    UCO Nursing: Fall 2020

    What was your experience last time? I’m going to try to get in but will find out more information later this week.
  5. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    I believe all the clinicals are in Duncan, OK. Quite a ways away. You might consider living there if that’s still the case.
  6. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    I’m guessing my not getting accepted was due to my 2.7gpa. The requirements that use cumulative GPA are unfair to older students that started over. I noticed OSU/OKC uses retention GPA. I have 2 AS degrees which is the only reason it came up cumulatively. I was skeptical whether I would get a chance. Too many people have done better than 2.7 which isn’t hard if you try. I literally didn’t show up and I have 6 F’s on my transcript. The California rules for forgiveness require you to obtain a degree which isn’t happening.
  7. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    It sounds like I may have already been denied but just haven’t received the email. The admissions committee met last week. I am not 100% certain, but that is what I am assuming from the email I received when I enquired. I’m guessing the ones that got accepted have received their emails already and the ones like myself are yet to receive the denial email but it is coming.
  8. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Just patiently waiting I guess. Still haven't heard anything.
  9. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Now you got me wondering how many applied. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Not sure when I will hear something?
  11. truckinusa

    Redlands CC Nursing Spring 2017

    What is the Facebook group? Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about this program? The question I would like to know is what percentage makes it through the whole program?
  12. truckinusa

    Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    Sounds very logical and and a very unwelcoming environment for any males that dare to enter.
  13. truckinusa

    Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    I just wanted to note that we are specifically prohibited from performing vaginal exams as students. I would assume this is nationwide and for insurance reasons.
  14. truckinusa

    Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    I was mistaken. Up the thread somewhere I said this was one of the most recent states to still ban this practice as recent as 10 years ago.
  15. truckinusa

    Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    I wouldn't be too worried. I asked this question because this was the main accusation that got me kicked out. I inquired further and was told the hospital no longer welcomes me at clinicals so therefore I am kicked out. There was some history that made it stick. Here is the formula to getting kicked out: 1. Past history of being written up. (I don't know why, but nursing school will write you up for being late to class or any other minor offense) 2. Running your mouth (I said a few things that I don't believe were offensive, but they upset the instructor. Keep your mouth shut and smile a lot) 3. Show up on time (I wasn't late, but This will kill you in a heartbeat) 4. Stick with your assigned patient especially in OB. (If I did it again I wouldn't bother to do anything for any other patients unless I was followed by a female nurse)
  16. truckinusa

    Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    I took the TEAS test and it asked about naming carbon compounds. I didn't think this was even something nurses studied in Chemistry? I learned about it in Organic Chemistry, but I just took that for fun to fill up my schedule. I thought it was a strange test. I got a 79 level 2.

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