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gettingbsn2msn has 5 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in medical surgical.

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  1. gettingbsn2msn

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Getting mine Saturday. Not sure if Moderna or Pfizer. Thanks for the information. I hope not to have any side effects. I am 60, work full time as a Nurse Practitioner. Only co morbidity is pre diabetic and a few extra pounds.
  2. gettingbsn2msn

    Tell me I'm being too literal

    My RN son is leaving nursing after spending $$$ on a BSN. He worked in NYC metro at the beginning of the pandemic. He said he realized quickly that the hospitals could give a d@mn about him. They wore garbage bags over their scrubs and got one N95 mask for the shift. They had to do their own respiratory therapy, phlebotomy, IV's and accompany their patients to other locales in the hospital. I always worked in hospitals that had RT's (and I am in the southeast). He is looking in to counseling as he is having flashbacks and nightmares over this. He said not worth the money. He is going back to school for IT.
  3. gettingbsn2msn

    Is doing therapy as a psych NP realistic?

    I dropped out of my Psych NP Program after my first clinical rotation. I was spending 5 minutes with someone to throw meds at them. I am already a FNP so it was an additional certification. Thousands of $$ down the drain but I just could not do it. I felt that it would make ME DEPRESSED.
  4. gettingbsn2msn

    New Nurse Moving to Atlanta

    I worked as a RN at Piedmont in Fayette county. I enjoyed my time there however, it started getting crazy busy as so many of the baby boomers are retiring to Peachtree City. However, over all good experience (at that time).
  5. gettingbsn2msn

    BEDSIDE...run, don't walk!

    My son who graduated with a BSN 3 years ago is choosing to leave bedside. He told me it is unsustainable for him for the long term. He worked in New York city during covid and I believe that did him in. They were short so he was doing 5 shifts per week. The good news is because he went to an inexpensive college and used the pay to pay off his student loans. His brother is going in to engineering. I also will add that 2 of the nurses in his group succumbed to covid. I think he is also depressed about their passing.
  6. gettingbsn2msn


    My recruiter told me to stop ambien for 7 days. She said this even though I have a legal RX. She was sure it would show up on a test.
  7. gettingbsn2msn

    Drug testing for job-xanax

    I stopped taking ambien (have a script) for a week because my travel recruiter was concerned about it. She had told me the 7 priors presented to this position were denied because of drug usage. We were not sure if that meant legal or illegal.
  8. gettingbsn2msn

    First APN Job: Not Getting Paid For Hospital New Hire Orientation

    I was not paid for completion of modules. I believe a few years back we were. However, hospitals are scrambling to make profits so this does not suprise me.
  9. gettingbsn2msn

    NP: Age limit?

    I finished NP school at 52. It was somewhat difficult to find a first job but I attribute that to over saturation and not age. Many MD's work into their 80's but at a less capacity. That is my hope. I just do not know what I would do in my retirement years. I do not play golf or tennis. On a side note my son finished his BSN 2 years ago. At his graduation I met two people in his graduating class that were going on to become NP's. Both were in their 50's. I believe one has to weigh the cost. If you are borrowing 100k do do this I would say "no." If you can find a lower cost school I would go ahead. I moved across the country to save 80k plus I went to a brick and mortar school that set up my clinical rotations.
  10. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it worth it to be an NP?

    I am at a point where I absolutely hate medicine in the USA. I have been a NP for 10 years. It is a third career for me. My second was an accelerated BSN that I completed 15 years ago. I loved being a nurse in the beginning. I loved my patients and they loved me back. I went on vacation and when I came back I was fired (absolutely no reason given). I said the h@ll with it and went through a NP Program. I still love the patients but the system makes me want to retire every day. I DETEST it.
  11. gettingbsn2msn

    Nearly impossible to find NP jobs

    The difficulty of finding a position at this time is directly related to covid 19. My son had to end up taking a travel position in New York. In our state there have been many lay offs. I believe he told me they had furloughed approximately 50 NP's at his hospital. He was reduced to working only 12 hours (essentially one shift). He is coming back to our state but it is still difficult to find employment here. Many non essential services are still cancelled. He made a very good income in New York but he may have to take another travel assignment out of state to another one of the "hot spots". I fear this is the new norm for the rest of the year especially if another wave comes upon us.
  12. gettingbsn2msn

    Coronavirus-Are we ready to talk about rationing care?

    I am extremely angry. My son is a RN. Huge hospital system. Works in ER. I just text him if they have implemented masks yet. He text back "no and followed by mom they tell us its just the flu". I am also a RN. I would fight this but I do not work in this hospital.
  13. gettingbsn2msn

    Health Care Professionals are targets of this scam

    Our state sells off the licensing of nurses. It is a business pure and simple. I would imagine other states are doing the same. This is why I have over 100k emails in my inbox.
  14. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Old/Improved, It is not better for our medical doctors either. My son wants to go to med school. I have had more than one doctor say they "want to set him straight." Healthcare has changed immensely. Sadly, I have no answers.
  15. gettingbsn2msn

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    TREMENDOUS waste in healthcare. I am a nurse practitioner and the amount of paperwork involved is horribly wasteful. My opinion is that healthcare is a business. The hospitals are making tremendous amounts of revenue. My husband went for a treadmill test last week. We pay $700.00 plus per month for our policy. His treadmill test (at the hospital) was $8,900.00. We are responsible for 30% of that. My husband is not in healthcare so ASSUMED that it was covered since we pay so much per month. We both have decent incomes. We will eventually have to file banktrupcy. These are not good times for healthcare. I could write for hours on this topic. Unfortunately, I just finished my 5 minute lunch.
  16. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Healthcare is so bad that I really am not sure if I want to continue on this path. I am a nurse practitioner. Triple charting now mandatory on a patient. Like all of you, I am very ethical. I CARE about my patients. Some days I am so stressed as I want to spend time with my patients. I have told my child NOT to go into healthcare. It is not possible with the requirements and expectations today.