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22 years old. Addicted to coffee. Loves Hello Kitty and the color pink!

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  1. Jenn329

    Is CNS a master's degree?

    I am so confused. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I would really appreciate it. CNS or AAPN, with these do you receive a master's degree? Or are they like certifications? Thank you :)
  2. Jenn329

    MSN/MBA vs. MSN Nurse Admin./Executive

    ok this is probably a dumb question...but to complete an MSN/MBA program wouldn't I have had to majored in business as well?
  3. Jenn329

    Personal liability insurance why or why not?

    Can anyone direct me to where I could obtain this insurance? Thanks!
  4. Jenn329

    Doors to patient rooms: open or closed?

    I work in an open bed unit. No doors to worry about. :)
  5. We have 1:1 if the pt is on CVVH or is really unstable. 1:2 if the patient comes back from open heart with an open chest and LVAD.
  6. Jenn329

    Really bad day

    Oh wow that must have been terrifying I'm a new grad in an open heart unit. I bet we can swap stories and information.
  7. Jenn329

    Stress in nursing--questions...

    How about what stresses you out the most in nursing? And on a daily basis from 0-10 how stressed would you say you are?
  8. Jenn329

    organizational sheet?

    I have something I made during school but I don't know how to attach the file
  9. Jenn329

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    eek! yeah true! Right now my biggest concerns are my student loans and a wedding!
  10. Jenn329

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    I've been very careful about putting a certain amount of each paycheck into my savings account :)
  11. Jenn329

    CEU question

    From what I understand it's based on merit. But if they choose to audit you, you better have proof you have the CEU's!
  12. Jenn329

    Feeling worn out all the time

    I feel the same way! It's so frustrating!!
  13. Jenn329

    How much do you get paid?

    23 an hour in PA
  14. Jenn329

    How to refer to self when writing a nursing note

    I just leave all of that out completely...for example: pt became tachycardic. MD notified. Received order to perform 12 lead. Something like that.
  15. Jenn329

    Most ridiculous patient requests?

    I worked as a secretary in an outpatient physician's office and as a patient was leaving, he walked up to the front desk and asked for a toothpick lol. Sorry sir this isn't a restaurant!