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  1. hopefulwhoop

    NP salary in Florida?

    Salary depends on the specialty and the location. There is not one 'average' salary. But, IMO, no NP in FL should be making under 90K, regardless of the specialty.
  2. hopefulwhoop

    Why did you pick your NP Program?

    Went there for my BSN and know it's a great school. Plus, it was affordable, certainly more affordable than all these private schools I hear about on the freakin' radio. And no offense, but it has a better reputation than these online private schools I hear advertised regularly.
  3. hopefulwhoop

    New Grad FNP job hunting

    Just for clarification--you're making LESS now as an NP than what you made as an RN? How? Why?
  4. hopefulwhoop

    NP's: do you give some patients your cell number?

    I have only given one patient my cellphone number months and months ago and she has never called. Thankfully. But, I know she would not abuse it and would only call, if there was an absolute need.
  5. hopefulwhoop

    FNP in surgery?

    Hiya there! I'm an FNP working in a surgical specialty. I have other responsibilities at my job outside of surgery, but pertaining to the surgical aspect of the job, my responsibilities are the following: complete H&P on patients to ensure they are medically clear/safe for surgery. This is in addition to obtaining clearance from the patient's PCP or other specialties, like Cardiology, etc; First assist in surgery; take care of the patients postop, i.e postop orders, eval postop labs and imaging and round on them in the postop days before discharging them.
  6. hopefulwhoop

    Where can FNP's work?

    You can work in the hospital as an FNP. I am an FNP and work in a surgical specialty in the hospital. I do think tbat FNPs are not the ideal choice for this position and that this position is better suited for an ACNP, but I'm learning as much as I can on the job. It also helps that I work at an academic institution with excellent PAs and surgeons who provide a great deal of teaching.
  7. hopefulwhoop

    Travel from home to work

    My current job is 15 minutes away from home. The max travel time I'm willing to do is 30 minutes. Definitely won't do 1 hour, no matter how much the pay is. I just think about how exhausted I am after work sometimes and 1 hour just wouldn't be safe.
  8. hopefulwhoop

    In Search of NP working as Assist in Surgery (in California)

    Well, I'm an FNP, working in a surgery practice, but not in California, so Idk if you'd still like my opinion. But, I did not obtain my RNFA. I work in an academic institution and was trained on the job.
  9. hopefulwhoop

    On the job training

    What kind of training you get on the job depends on the job/who you work for.
  10. hopefulwhoop

    Physician Extender ???

    Honestly, it doesn't bother me.
  11. hopefulwhoop

    FNPs in the Hospital?

    It is absolutely possible to work inpatient as an FNP. As a matter of fact, I am an FNP working in neurosurgery in a primarily inpatient position.
  12. hopefulwhoop

    Texas NPs

    I don't think it's my resume or CV. It's been reviewed multiple times and I've been hearing from people interested in other states and in FL. Just not TX--most of the TX jobs don't want new grads. I actually messaged the poster who posted about looking for NPs in Texas. Hopefully, she'll reply...
  13. hopefulwhoop

    Texas NPs

    If I knew why it's been hard, I would have a job by now! lol But, I haven't heard back from anyone in TX, so my relocation is looking pretty bleak :-/ I'm pretty open. I'm an FNP-BC.
  14. hopefulwhoop

    Texas NPs

    I'm in FL and want to relocate to TX. I have been applying for jobs, but have had no luck. I am also a new grad., so that might be the problem there :-/ *SIGH*
  15. hopefulwhoop

    Online Certification Practice Study Tests (FamilyNPprep.com)

    Thanks! I reviewed some of the theories that kept popping up on the practice questions, such as Piaget's cognitive theory/stages, Erikson's theory/stages of psychosocial development, transtheoretical moodel. Those are the ones I reviewed the most. Also, it helps to be familiar with the works/theories of B.F. Skinner, Bandura, Freud, etc. Those also popped up frequently on the practice tests. However, there were definitely theories I'd never heard of that popped up on the actual exam, but for those, you can honestly guess the correct answers most of the time from the name of the model.
  16. hopefulwhoop

    How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    Ok, so I took the ANCC FNP exam today and PASSED! :-) I used two Fitzgerald books, which I got from a friend. One, I believe, was from a class she took because it has filled-in content. The other is the 3rd edition of the NP Exam. and Prep. book. This was very helpful. However, the exam was probably honestly 70% non-clinical, from my observation. What really helped me with the non-clinical questions were 1. Common sense (some answer choices just made no sense), 2. random theories and ethical concepts I reviewed on my own, and 3. the FamilyNPprep.com questions. The questions on the exams from that site were quite helpful, I must say. Some of the questions on the exam were very similar in wording to the site's questions. So, I would definitely recommend it. I ordered 15 questions, but in retrospect, it was overkill. I wouldn't recommend ordering that many. One thing the site did was also prepare me for the way the questions on the exam were worded and the format of the ANCC exam. Good luck, all! :-)