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  1. I'm relatively new to this career. I've been a RN 3 years, and worked at the same hospital up until a few weeks ago I changed hospitals. My old hospital job all we had was Lure locks...it seems so much safer and easier to use. The new place has blunt needles, or plastic tipped syringes. The plastic tip isn't very useful, as they always bend and require a lot of pressure to insert it. I keep thinking I'm going to stab my finger pushing drugs through a blunt tip needle.
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    Oh, and it's not that hard to set your phone to only ring for certain contacts!
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    Any advice for someone working nights for the 1st time?
  4. squatmunkie_RN

    Pregnant new grad with upcoming interview..

    FMLA! Family medical leave act. They have to hold your job because of that. Not sure, how much maternity leave a partime employee gets but take it all, especially if you're going to work up to delivery time. DO NOT tell them you're pregnant. They aren't allowed to discriminate against you for that, so they won't ask. You might want to plan for unexpected events, having to go on bed rest...things like that.
  5. squatmunkie_RN

    Need help with a math question....grains?

    Thanks! I got it now.
  6. squatmunkie_RN

    Need help with a math question....grains?

    I'm not a new nurse, just starting a new job. We have a dosage cal test tomorrow and they gave us some practice Q&As. This one I can't see how they got to this answer. (I've been a nurse 3 years and never have I seen a doc write an order in grains....ugh) Ordered atropine gr 1/300 IM On hand atropine gr 1/150 IM per cc The answer sheet says its .5cc How?!?!?!?! I thought it would be 2cc.
  7. squatmunkie_RN

    Double Fluid mess ups

    I had a patient in his 50s with a torn esophagus. He was being fed through a g-tube on a pump with water flushes. He was still slightly dehydrated, labs showed Na+ of 147. It would've been appropriate for that patient to get some fluids for a bit. Adults are different from kids. But it annoys me too when doctors forget to address IVF
  8. squatmunkie_RN

    I'm tired of screwing up at work

    I agree with Roma. This sounds like an ICU patient, why stay in PACU for the time it takes to do 3-4 handoffs? But I guess that's beside the point.... Don't worry about it. Seems like the pt got the neo ordered in ICU and for some reason that didn't get to an actual written or computer entered order...? That happens. The next nurse just needs to call for an actual order.
  9. squatmunkie_RN

    some cardiac related questions

    I work on a tele floor where these scenarios are common. The 1st answer is troponin. The 2nd answer in the real world would be get the 12 lead EKG and call the doc. Which then he'd probably give you an order for some metoprolol IV or digoxin IV.... I wouldn't wait to see how long a pt would tolerate a sustained HR of 160s.... Adenosine is used to treat SVT, but in the real world nursing a pt won't get it for a HR in the 160s, as there are better drugs to treat. Nursing school is designed to fail you. #2 is a very stupid question. But the answer is "consider adenosine IV"
  10. squatmunkie_RN

    misplaced hearing aide

    Had a elderly patient tell me he lost his hearing aid. He had me all over the floor...on my hands and knees looking for the thing, all the while he was laying in bed screaming (not angry, he just couldn't hear) telling me how expensive the thing was. After about 10 mins. He touched his ear and "oh it's in my ear, i forgot to turn it on." He was a cute little old man so I just laughed...
  11. squatmunkie_RN

    What to do when a doctor won't let you read back an order

    I make sure I listen very very carefully the 1st time because this happens ALL the time. The backlash from what you're talking about doing is not worth it.
  12. squatmunkie_RN

    How do you handle the everyday stress of a nurse?

  13. squatmunkie_RN

    Healthcare is NOT a basic human right.

    The Three-Fifths Compromise is found in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution. It was in place before the 14th Amendment. And in today's 3rd grade American History lesson......
  14. I had a teacher in nursing school who's mission was to bring down as many nurses as she possibly could. (she picked on who she thought was weaker). I had her for the hardest clinical (med-surg). I don't know how many times I cried during that semester...how many sleepless nights I had, I was contemplating getting antidepressants from a doc. It was a miserable time. She loved to humiliate students in front of everyone, pt's, nurses, other students. She flat out asked me if "are you sure you want to do this...not everyone can" Well 2 years later...I now have my BSN, I work on a step-down, high acuity telly floor and when I took the HESI test I placed in the 95% percentile :)
  15. squatmunkie_RN

    Healthcare is NOT a basic human right.

    If we never changed anything in the Constitution I'd still only be three-fifths of a person.
  16. squatmunkie_RN

    What to do in family emergency situations?

    Wow. That's the time to quit. But I guess she couldn't have done that being recently homeless! Damn mgmt can be a soulless bunch of people.