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  1. pitaya

    Neuro/telemetry vs. med/surg

    There are pros and cons to each, but honestly, I echo what someone above me said about it depending on co-workers as one of the factors. In fact, I think co-workers can make a huge difference. The med-surg unit at my hospital has a HORRIBLE reputation because the nurses are not helpful or friendly. The telemetry unit on the other hand, has a great reputation because the nurses are just the opposite...helpful and friendly!
  2. pitaya

    How to find your NICHE in nursing??

    Wow. I could have written this. I actually agree with everything you wrote in that paragraph. I work in a hospital and I hate it, but I keep telling myself that it is preparation for my dream public health job!!!
  3. pitaya

    UCH Nurse Residents, any advice?

    I applied there as a back-up plan in case I didn't get into my dream hospital, which was not in Colorado. I was worried because my application inadvertently got sent to the wrong place, but they still called me for an interview! I wish I could have accepted the interview (just wanted to see if I could get into a nationally competitive hospital), but I had already started the job at my dream hospital, so it worked out for me. Anyway, out of the people in my nursing class who applied to this hospital, the only ones who got interviews were those of us who had a 4.0 GPA. And the people who accepted the interviews got hired. So it definitely seems like GPA was the main factor they used to weed out people. My school was not in the Denver area, we didn't do clinicals at that hospital, and those I know who applied did not have any Denver-area connections. Hope this helps!
  4. pitaya

    I found my dream job in Public Health :)

    My first bachelor's was in public health. I went into nursing thinking it would help me with public health. Accepted a job as an RN on a tele floor to get experience. Been working four months. I hate it. I cry a lot. The day before a shift I am depressed and have palpitations. I am terrified of making a mistake. I feel stuck because I have to pay off debt from nursing school by going to a nursing job I hate. I feel like I am wasting my youth...shouldnt have gone to nursing school or else I wouldnt have debt and be stuck working an awful job to pay it off. I am so depressed...about to turn 25 and already feel like I am having a midlife crisis!!! I just didnt expect this job to be that bad. I miss public health.
  5. pitaya

    Dumb things new nurses do....

    I did this same thing (minus hitting somebody in the face)!!! My preceptor had just told me to put air in vials before drawing it up so I thought that applied to all vials. Nope, didn't work with the morphine and the little tiny med room stunk like morphine all afternoon.
  6. pitaya

    How to choose a med-surge speciality?

    I'm on a med-surg tele floor and honestly, we get patients with everything in the book. People who need to be on tele tend to have other things wrong with them. I've had ortho patients, lots of vascular patients, dialysis patients, random hepatitis, etc. etc., you name it, we got it. Also, we get regular med-surg overflow patients so oftentimes I have patients who aren't on tele at all! I really feel like I work on a general med-surg floor.
  7. pitaya

    New Grad RN to choose L&D or ED?

    From this post, it's clear to me your heart wants L&D. Do it. :)
  8. I would go with all nights. Also, is the pay better on nights? If so, then for me it would be a no-brainer. :) I work nights and I LOVE it. I was on days for my training and I hated it. Too many people, too much to do, too much stress, and 15% less pay. No way. A couple of my family members work some nights, some days, and really have a crazy schedule (they're not in healthcare, though). I was talking to them about how lucky I feel that I only work nights when they never know when they have to work and you know what they told me? They said they felt sorry for ME because with their job, at least some of it is days instead of nights all the time and therefore their sleeping schedule isn't as screwed up as mine! LOL So I guess for some people the day/night thing works better.
  9. pitaya

    Night Shift For Newbies

    Nights are GREAT! More money, less craziness. What more could I ask for? For me, somehow waking up at 5 pm is not half as bad as waking up at 5 am! I could never be to work early on a day shift, but coming in early on a night shift is no problemo even though I sleep less.
  10. pitaya

    To those who have recently graduated and found a job...

    Did an accelerated BSN in Colorado! Got a job in Tucson.
  11. Similarly, I haven't been able to get any IV starts since I started working. I got them in nursing school with different teachers instructing me and in different facilities, but now since I've started trying as a graduate nurse, I can't get any!!! What's wrong? I would like to know how to get over this, too. LOL Good luck with your foleys!!!
  12. pitaya

    Ever feel unsafe in your job?

    I feel the same way!!! I'm still in training but my preceptors seem to think that if they showed me how to do it once (without even letting me do it hands-on), then I will remember how to do it correctly. If I ask a question, they say something like, "I already showed you this" or "Didn't you learn this in nursing school?" But I really need to do something by myself around 5 times in order to be able to do it on my own without supervision. Maybe I am just not a quick learner, but it's very frustrating to me.
  13. I work nights on tele and it is wayyyy easier than days. :) LOL I would be a lot more nervous about working days, haha, well, at least on my floor the days are crazier. Congrats!
  14. pitaya

    Bad day. :(

    Today's shift just made me feel incredibly incompetent. I have been a licensed nurse and working for three months now but every day I feel like the biggest bumbling idiot. I want to cry. And I do not wanna go back tomorrow for more feelings of humiliation and stupidity. I wish being an RN made me feel good about myself but lately all I feel is dread!!! Thanks for reading. I have no one else to cry to!!
  15. pitaya

    Communication Barriers with Preceptor

    Thanks for the reply!! You're right, lots of the doctors and patients have accents as well but it seems different since they are not my primary teacher. I feel like a jerk even complaining about it, but I have just never had such a hard time learning before and it is frustrating as I constantly have to find better ways to express myself or ask lots of questions because I didnt understand the first time. But I guess it all is part of the learning experience...today was a good day so hopefully it will get easier! The funny part is that I want to be a nurse in Latin America eventually...my Spanish is weak so I think I would have had a heck of a time learning in Spanish if learning in English is already this difficult for me.
  16. pitaya

    ORAL EXAM interview...HELP!! NEW GRAD!!

    Never heard of one either. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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