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Davey Do

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Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation.- Edgar Cayce

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Davey Do has 41 years experience and specializes in Psych, CD, HH, Admin, LTC, OR, ER, Med Surge.

Artist, Bicyclist, Nature Lover, Asocial, Childless, Agnostic, work 12 hour midnight shifts every weekend in Gero Psych, married to a Medical Nurse (Belinda). Am generally content. Thank you.

Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation. -Edgar Cayce

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  1. Davey Do

    Has anyone ever stepped down from a role?

    I concur with the others. Keep on keeping on, SilverBells. Have I ever stepped down from a role? As an administrator with two different agencies, I was laterally moved out of the door on one, and shown the door with an adieu of "Don't let the screen door hit you in the behind!" Now, I stepped out of a role working in the OR back in '91. I was in orientation and could do nothing to please my mentor. The final straw came when I was first scrub for the first time, with my mentor acting as the second scrub, on a TAH with a doctor referred to as "The Nazi Surgeon". In those days, each surgeon had a file card that listed the instruments and a basic outline of the procedure for a specific surgery. The night before the surgery, I studied that card til I knew it by heart. The surgery was progressing really well, so I struck up a conversation with the surgeon. At its completion, the surgeon said I did a good job and thanked me! I beamed! While cleaning up, my mentor said, "I know (The Nazi Surgeon) said you did a good job, but there were some areas in which you could improve". I resigned the next day and took up a position with another hospital where I had been previously offered a position. Good luck, SilverBells!
  2. Davey Do

    Managers: Remaining Objective with All Employees

    Congratulations on your position as nurse manager, SilverBells! I sense you will do a good job, knowing the facility and reaching out for ways to be a good manager. The director of a unit on which I worked had to confront me on not fulfilling my a responsibility. None of the nurses liked performing this non-patient care responsibility and avoided it whenever possible. The director said something to me along the lines of, "My job isn't any more important than your job, we just have different responsibilities. One of my responsibilities is to make sure you do your job. And, hey- you don't have to like it, you only have to do it!" I could get behind that- I didn't have to like it, I only had to do it! Another bit of wisdom I learned from this director was to always put principles before personalities. Personalities can be be in flux whereas principles are carved in concrete. If we adhere to sound principles, we can always deal with fluxing personalities. Good luck and the very best to you, SilverBells!
  3. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    One of the great things about being an old, arrogant, crabby nurse with a reputation for quality patient care is that I can say just about anything to anybody since I possess pretty good communication skills, Daisy. I often say to peers and coworkers, "You can tell administration, 'Dave said...' and I will stand behind you and my words". I was joking with Jason Hiney RN once about me getting fired and Jason said, "Dave, you'd have to kill somebody in order to get fired from here!" Ranger Rodd RN said to me, after an inservice, "I'd say what you say in inservices if I knew I was going to leave this job!" "LIve to never be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world- even if what is published is not true" -Richard Bach
  4. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Exactly, Hoosir_RN. My belief is that the perpetrator has boundary issues and has never been been herded into the pen of appropriate behavior. They are allowed to roam free and unencumbered. Clark is a good example of this.
  5. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Thank you for your submission, JKL. It was a worthy read. I've taken a portion of your post to utilize as an example of playing chess, thinking several moves ahead. I had considered this counting thing as a possible retort administration might use and have devised a couple of comebacks: First, the concern is not about me being petty- it's about inappropriate behavior on the part of Clark which fits the definition of, among other discourtesies, harassment. My so-called "pettiness" is a red herring. Next, the whole CPI training, like many other inservices, are mere formalities. They are not actual educational processes by which we are given information and tested to assure our knowledge of that information. We are given the answers to the tests at the time they are taken. Actual listening and assimilation of the information is not a necessity when the accepted process is a worn and well known method. I have more ammunition to argue similar points, but suffice it to say I feel prepared for just about any opposing premise.
  6. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    This caused me to laugh out loud: And I am truly sorry for your discomforts, @TriciaJ. When I read this, I thought , "She hit the nail on the head!" I'm going to be pouring over these posts for some time to come, but I wanted to say something about TriciaJ's before I took a break.
  7. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Well, this Dog & Pony Show was anything but boring, primarily due to a disagreement between me and the CPI instructor, Clark. The next three paragraphs are excerpts from my own personal documentation: As we were discussing page 15 which states, "the RN is responsible for patient care" and "RNs have the authority to initiate and stop the restraint" Clark said, "Anybody can initiate or stop a restraint". I spoke up and said, "I disagree". I stated that only an RN can terminate a restraint, that there is a process, and the RN makes the final decision, for which I received argument. Clark brought up theoretical cases, stating "What if...what if...?" and "some nurses will leave a patient in restraints even after they've calmed down". I replied that I was "not speaking of opinions, perspectives, generalities or other nurses". I stated, "When I'm the RN on the unit, and I am in charge, no patient will be released from restraints until I deem so". ...For years at past CPI trainings, a question has always been asked, "Who can initiate a restraint?" with the answer being "Anybody." The question that has always followed was "But who terminates the restraint?" The answer has always been "Only the RN." There's a lot more to this documentation, but I wanted to give you the gist of it. During the discourse with Clark, I also made a request. These next two paragraphs are excerpts from more documentation: I had to request that the CPI instructor Clark refrain from "flagrant profanity". Clark used obscene words like "p****d, a**, b*******', f***" a total of about 18 times before I finally voiced my request. Clark's argument was that he was merely repeating what a patient had said. This was untrue, in that his presentation was sprinkled with profanities, as I kept track on the pages of handouts. Also, Clark was not entering verbatim words used by a patient on legal documentation, he was merely repeating profanities as an example of patient behaviors. Clark could have been more appropriate by using euphemisms, or the first letter of the profanity. We all know what "F this! F that! F! F!" means without having to hear the actual obscenity. I'm considering using the documentation as communication to administration. I may just keep it for my own records. Any input from allnurses members will be appreciated. To end on a positive note, my supervisor, RoofElmo, during the inservice gave me recognition for my recent interventions and subsequent documentation. RoofElmo was referring to an adult male psych patient who medically decompensated last Friday. She also mentioned that the CNO praised me. I told my medical nurse wife Belinda that the situation would be one with which she routinely deals. But when a psych nurse medically makes a good call, they're a Rock Star Nurse! Or, in this case, a burned out 70's DJ Nurse!
  8. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    But the thing that I like about the mandatory modules online is that they can be taken in digestible bites instead of a cram everything down your throat all at once, JKL. And I don't have to deal with yawn-producing peers or presentors! There's always someone who wants to belabor a point, tell a story, or just profusely pontificate with which we have to deal.
  9. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    This caused me to laugh out loud! And thank you for sharing with me your own professional Trials of Hercules, Katie. Mine pale in comparison. If your pain is a ten, mine is only about a four.
  10. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Your empathy is overwhelming, Daisy, for I feel as you truly feel my pain. In order to feel as though I have some control, I'm wearing what Belinda would call my favorite grunge outfit: Faded black Hard Rock T-shirt, black jeans, and worn-out tennis shoes. I won't be the most stylish belle at the ball.
  11. Davey Do


    Just a little retold story as to why I chose Jonny Fever as my Avatar: I worked with a couple of nurses who referred to themselves as Rock Star nurses. I asked one of them, "If you're a Rock Star nurse, what does that make me?" She replied,"Some old burned out 70's DJ like Dr. Johnny Fever!" Hence. On every other website, I use my Davey Do's cartoon character's face as my avatar. Somehow it seems more fitting to keep Dr. Fever here on allnurses. Thanks again for all the welcome backs!
  12. Davey Do

    Treating an ex family member

    Again, I'm sorry for your predicament bit it is what it is, nurse_lime. Red flags and fireworks should have been going off. A couple of years ago, I came onto the geriatric psych unit to find (someone's) name on the patient list and immediately contacted the House Sup to work another unit. He gave me grief, but I stood my ground and told him I felt uncomfortable, and if push came to shove, I would refuse to work. I got my way and refused to discuss (someone) with any other staff member. In 1979, while I was going through the EMT program, 15 years before HIPAA, confidentiality was drilled into our heads. I won't even discuss some patients at all with my wonderful medical nurse wife who I trust with my life.
  13. Davey Do

    Treating an ex family member

    HIPAA is overkill protecting patients' confidentiality. Any contact outside of the realms of the professional relationship is a violation. In other words, HIPAA believes that if you say the word "murder", you've committed a murder. (Disclaimer: My subjective perspective.)
  14. Davey Do

    Treating an ex family member

    Yeah. Sorry about the situation, nurse_lime, but as you said , "I know I was Unprofessional and crossed a boundary but in my defense it was an old family member and my heart was in a good place. But then again I never should’ve contacted her regardless." As soon as I've found out a family member, ex or not, is a patient, I distance myself and do nothing to jeopardize confidentiality. Sorry & good luck to you, nurse_lime.
  15. Davey Do

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Yes. It's once again time for the ever-dreaded mandatory all-day dog & pony show inservice that I would prefer second only to marathon tag-team gum surgery. Four hours involve a boring four hour presentation by a droll self-important hypocritical short man syndrome certified CPI administrator ask-kisser. He reads from the booklet we all have a copy of things like "only an LIP or RN can terminate a restraint", yet does not follow the guidelines. For the whole story, you may want to read this thread: Thank you. Just putting together this thread has helped me to feel better.
  16. Davey Do

    Anyone Ever Actually Used Their Malpractice Insurance?

    From the quoted portion of the deposition, it was as if the liability insurance had found me guilty of the charges without further investigation. Luckily, the jury ruled in favor of me and the plaintiffs received no compensation from the suit waged against me. A judge dropped criminal charges, so all's well that ends well.

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