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Davey Do

around 25 years psych, 10 years medical

Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation.- Edgar Cayce

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Davey Do has 42 years experience and specializes in around 25 years psych, 10 years medical.

Artist, Bicyclist, Nature Lover, Asocial, Childless, Agnostic, Fired and Retired, married to a Medical Nurse (Belinda). Am generally content. Thank you.

Overcome fear by seeing the funny yet ridiculous side of every situation. -Edgar Cayce

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  1. "Complaining too much" is relative, however, it does make for interesting threads. By calling attention attention to ourselves, in raising debates, we feel like we're more in control. We feel as though we possess power over situations and others. We set the scene, stir a pot, then sit back and and watch the goings-on. And, if we're @NurseBlaq, we bring popcorn. And, we are sure we don't forget to bring the ginger ale. To some, myself included, nursing is/was a life calling. I was a nurse 24/7 365 and felt good about it. Should a situation arise, I would be a nurse again. Although retired, my license is current. My unsolicited advice, DK, is to embrace your position and revel within it. That is all. For now.
  2. Davey Do

    Nurses' Fears

    A lot of threads here on allnurses are generated by members due to fears. Fears due to recrimination and subsequent retaliation, fear of losing face, fear of being terminated, and the be-all and end-all fear of losing one's license. In the nursing profession, losing one's job or license is akin to death, as if saying, "I was employed but now I'm jobless. I was a nurse, but now I've lost my license. I was alive but now I'm dead." In one study of fears, death was listed as the number one fear and loss of livelihood was listed as the fourth most feared. We can't escape death, but we do have some semblance of control in putting it off for a while. We don't have full control over being terminated, however, we can take measures to lessen the chances of that happening. I was fired from four facilities over my four decade career, not counting a demotion. The first time, I openly wept during the execution. The fourth time was a minor blow to my abdomen, knocking the wind out of me for the moment. Desensitization does work wonders. The closest my person has been to death was at the age of 19 when I experienced an NDE after an MVA. It has been said that an NDE is like visiting a neighborhood yet not residing there. My experience has lessened my fear of death, somewhat. Woody Allen said something along the lines of, "I'm not afraid of death. I just don't want to be there when it happens". I fear living in pain more so than I fear death. Jung said something along the lines of, and again I believe I'm paraphrasing, "Embrace your fears, for there your soul will grow". I took that to mean that if we face our fears, we will be wiser and stronger beings. My signature line is, once again a paraphrased quote, made by Edgar Cayce: "Overcome fear by seeing the ridiculous, yet funny side to every situation". I feel and believe that I have a good sense of humor, and I use it to my advantage whenever I can in an attempt to face my fears hoping that my soul may grow. Got fears?
  3. RoasalindaRN, you made a good assessment and intervention and this is proven with fact. The hospitalist merely voiced an opinion, which was not necessarily based in fact. Keep on keeping on! Oh- and welcome to allnurses!
  4. Davey Do

    That First Domino

    We see our lives as a series of events and relay those events of our life to others in story form which always has a beginning. One year ago on this date, an major event in my life began when I pushed over the first domino, causing a chain reaction, which led to my termination two months later. If I could have generally known the series of events that were to take place due to pushing over that first domino, would I have decided otherwise? If I could have generally known that what working as a nurse would be like in 1982, would I still have chosen to go for my LPN license over of my paramedic certification? What is a pivotal first domino pushing over nursing point in your life? If you generally knew beforehand the series of events that were to take place in your nursing career, do you think you would have chosen to push over a different row of dominoes?
  5. Davey Do

    Is working overtime bad for your health?

    Not right now, please? She's resting. In St. Patrick's cemetery.
  6. Davey Do

    Is working overtime bad for your health?

    Nah, DribbleKing, at your age, don't worry about it. But don't tell Mom that I said it was okay.
  7. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    Thank you. I use the word abstemiously facetiously, because they are the only two words in the English language which contain all the vowels in order.
  8. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    Everything in moderation. Heck, even moderation should be practised abstemiously!
  9. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    Migod, it would take a person with the conviction of a saint not to eat at least some of the good stuff my coworkers brought in or ordered out for! Mmmmm... pizza.
  10. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    OH! Be still, my grumbling tum!
  11. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

  12. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    ...tender young Snowflakes!
  13. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    My second wife, Akie, was a vegetarian and she got me heavily into the habit of eating vegetables. She would regularly make meat and fish dishes for me but would send me off to work with a bag of veggies. I consulted with a nutritionist in the early '90's and he made some suggestions, one being to eat more kale. Hell, I didn't even know what kale was. Pardon the cursing , but it sounded so poetic. So I went out and bought me some kale and have become a daily eater of it. I grow it in my garden, make some dishes with it, or just snack on it. I love kale! It gives me a lift that no sweet food ever did. In fact, one time I ate a whole little snack bag of M&M's and felt like crap. Go with kale. You can't fail! (I just now made that up.)
  14. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

  15. Davey Do

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    I told my medical nurse wife Belinda that the only thing that I don't like about her is that she doesn't take good care of herself. Belinda likes junk food. I'm sorry to say this SilverBells, and I mean it with all the love and respect for you that I can muster, and I know that this is going to be hard for you to hear, but: If you and I were wed, your diet would be grounds for our divorce.
  16. Davey Do

    Superstitious Nurses

    Back in July of '16, my medical nurse wife Belinda rented us a cabin in the foothills of Missouri in order to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I wore a pair of jeans and an old scrub top for the long drive. We had just unpacked when Belinda said, "Let's take a walk down to the river". We were walking down the gravel path with a slight slight decline when Belinda's right leg slid out from under her and she landed on her bottom. "Here- I'll help you up", I said. Belinda replied, in her calm, usual manner, "I think I broke my ankle". Sure enough, she had fractured her tibia and required an ORIF. After my retirement last Spring, I let my old scrubs hang in my closet. Last Fall, I decided to wear one of my scrub tops. That night, I had to take Belinda into the ER for what was diagnosed as cholecystitis. I made note of this to Belinda, that the two times I had worn scrub tops outside of work, she had to go to the ER. "I'm not going to wear my scrub tops any more", I said. "Please don't ", she replied. Got superstitions?