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ladycody has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CWON.

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  1. Is anyone at all concerned that the leader of the free world...against all recommendations...is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure...despite having high cholesterol? Or that a doctor felt OK prescribing such to the leader of the free world despite said concerns? I mean HOLY COW!?!?!? How many will be banging down doors now to follow suit??? Read in its entirety: Trump Says He Takes Drug Against Covid-19. There's No Proof It Works. Are there NO repercussions for this kind of insanity??? Sorry...but WOW!!. Am good and would get the hell out of this field if I could for sooo many reasons right now...but opening a restaurant right now is out and that's what I'd wanna do...rofl.
  2. ladycody

    Judy Mikovitz, Ph D and Anthony Fauci, MD

    Some are glommed onto Plandemic and all of its messages....and I just can NOT wrap my head around it. We...at least those that are nurses....were all taught the value of evidence-based information and yet it seems there are many that just don't bother with it in life? Am saddened and stunned. My response (and I think I love this guy): https://zdoggmd.com/plandemic/
  3. I'm just wondering if people are back to normal anywhere with regard to PPE use? We are still using the same N95 for long stretches because of limited stores. While I get the desire to re-open the economy carefully...I haven't heard any consideration for PPE availability. For as much as I would like to see some careful steps forward...I feel like we shouldn't open JACK until PPE is readily available enough for us to be able to use it PROPERLY (not this pandemic conditions nonsense of reuse). So what say you...do you have unrestricted access again or is your PPE still under lock and key?
  4. She also wrote: "In the end I project this will be somewhere near as bad as that flu season. And yet the flu barely made the news at the time." I read her original post the same way and was going to respond to it but then decided I just couldn't give it the energy...so I thank you for doing it....cause it made me feel better....rofl. COVID...sadly... will far outstrip the flu...even that season...and that's WITH all of our efforts to minimize spread.
  5. I'm so sorry... You'll be kept in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. Also hoping all is well for you now. It's been a little bit so hoping you are safe and out of harms way given your recent health issues and Covid. Stay safe.
  7. ^^^this. She may have been a silly ideological and naive teenager at the beginning of this story....but almost killing you and then fabricating a story from that incident to benefit herself, in conjunction with no apparent remorse...is seriously frightening.
  8. ladycody

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Thanks for the giggle. There are... literally... HUNDREDS of jobs that require licensure and continuing education outside of nursing. Licensure is a 'protecting the public from incompetence' thing....not a 'giving my life for my job' thing. Also...just to be clear: "The ANA states nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations." LOTS of different aspects to nursing besides "providing care for the sick and infirm".
  9. ladycody

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    I call BS. Even the armed forces...where one actually DOES have a very clear expectation that one's life may be lost ... even THEY have dependency, hardship, and medical discharges that relieve their soldiers from duty, without shame, to prevent unreasonable risk to health and to protect the needs of family. There are a hundred ways to fulfill a role in nursing and meet the expectations of the nightengale pledge and a good many of them do not require direct patient care and even those that do can be VERY different with regards to skill set and emotional stamina required. That pledge does not require nurses to forsake theit own health or to forsake the needs/ lives of their families. The way YOU choose to practice does not have to be EVERY nurse's choice. You are also likely one of those who thinks a nurse educator or one in informatics or mental health is not a REAL nurse. We did NOT all sign on for trench nursing. We signed on to maintain and advance the profession and to devote our service to human welfare....but it does NOT specify the manner in which we fulfill those expectations. Stop shaming those who can't be YOUR type of nurse.
  10. ladycody

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    Yep...we did take an oath...but none of us took an oath to do that in any particular wat and none of us to an oath to do so even if it meant risk the lives of our families. Do you know the Nightingale Pledge? Read it lately? Let me help you out: "I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practise my profession faithfully. I shall abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and shall not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I shall do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. I shall be loyal to my work and devoted towards the welfare of those committed to my care." The expectation is that we practice our profession faithfully...that we maintain and elevate the profession, keep confidences, and be devoted to the welfare of those committed to our care. Do you have ANY idea how many DIFFERENT ways there are to meet those expectations? ??? The pledge does NOT require you to forsake your family or ignore your own well being. Even the armed forces...where there is an expectation that your life MAY WELL BE ASKED OF YOU...will grant exceptions to prevent unreasonable risk and to protect the needs of your family. They're called dependency, hardship, and medical discharges. So to all the shamers....just stop.
  11. I would look at you without consideration of your quitting yourcurrent job. Just got into a "discussion" about this today. Nurses don't commit to working in a pandemic environment when they go into nursing. Some love med surge, others are educators, some informatics...but very few sign on to risk their own lives or the lives of their families. I had someone say "it's a national emergency and your qualified to potentially save lives!...like the draft! You HAVE to be OK with that." The reality is : if you have a medical or psych condition that hinders your ability to go to war...you wouldn't be asked to serve. Nor would you be asked to serve if you were a single parent or care-taker for a disabled or dependent family member. You might be claustrophobic and unable to handle the PPE required for covid pts...or maybe a single mom with 2 little ones who has nobody else to provide for them.....or the caretaker of your 90 yo dad with COPD, DM, and Anemia. Who am I to judge? But I won't lie...I've heard the shaming...that it's an "embarassment to the profession" when a nurse refuses to work with covid patients. The embarassment to the profession for ME.... is listening to that sort of shaming. We all have stuff...and NOBODY signs a "willingness to give life or limb" clause to get their nursing license. Short answer. I'd give you a fair shot. (And I was in mgt for years)
  12. I work at a small hospital (less than 200 beds) in a relatively small state...and it's real. Our overall census is down to about 50% (we don't get the frivolous visits and voluntary surgeries right now)...so 100 pts... and 25% of THOSE are covid or covid rule out. Of those 25...20-30% are vented. THIS IS NOT THE FLU. The flu doesn't carry those kind of numbers. The flu doesn't fill beds this way...and is not as scary. We are OK....but it is different. The need for PPE is different...the time requirement per patient is HUGELY different....and the way this virus operates is different. We have docs that come in once a month from NYC...it's real. They for sure respect the hell out of this virus and we're happy to have their experiences to reference. I have family in NYC in healthcare...it's real. They are scrambling to accomodate patients with covid whike protecting those without it. I HATE this reality and am not good at social distancing...I miss my people...and hugs...and travel...and restaurants ...but it's real...and I don't want it to get any MORE real. I hate watching these patients...even the non covids...that have to be with us... without their loved ones at the bedside to ease their anxiety and make it all OK. But THIS...the little bit that I've seen...is enough. I wouldn't want things to be worse here and hope we are lucky and that our peak is now and not a week away as predicted. And I'm not even on the front line. Those folks spend 8 to 12 hours a day in full gear and have got all my respect....
  13. ladycody

    Stryker Spring overlay

    Has anyone used a stryker spr overlay for skin integrity support? Thoughts? Am trying to find a support surface that will be readily available without too much push back. Thanks for any feedback.
  14. ladycody

    Nursing Dose

    Yep...it's an old thread but still getting a comment from me. I've met too many who think the rules don't apply to them or that it's not a big deal in a given scenario...and I've seen a few get their licenses dinged and a few other lose them entirely. It's not rocket science. We have a scope of practice...and if you need an order that will cover you in what you consider to be a not uncommon situation for your role... then GET ONE. Better yet...get a protocol order set in place that can be assigned to patients most at risk of a given There is NO reason to act outside your scope. You are choosing a work around instead of a long term solution....which, as a side note, is not in the patients best interest and flies in the face of pt advocacy. Ps...am sorry the OP got smacked...it almost sounded like someone reported her...which is nuts considering I read her post as a simple inquiry. It was a good question an obviously worthy of discussion since it is blatantly obvious that it happens fairly regularly. Frightening that some said they don't work with anyone who DOESN'T do this!!!
  15. ladycody

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    So pathophysiology is not required for all RN programs? Had no idea...
  16. No BON is going to strip you of your license for having someone call 911 for a pt presenting with significant symptoms. You could, however, be held accountable for the poor soul with scary symptoms/vitals that has a bad outcome waiting to be assessed by a physician because YOU said to have them wait. Am calling BS and advising that you might wanna rethink working for people who don't get this.

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