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  1. mochamocha

    Any IVF coordinators out there?

    Hi, do any one you work at an IVF facility? What exactly do IVF coordinators do? Thanks for the insight :)
  2. mochamocha

    New grad discouraged about job oppurtunity

    how long have you been a new grad? it's very hard to find a hospital job nowadays. have you looked at other areas in nursing besides nursing homes? private offices, ambulatory centers..etc. It took me a year after graduation to find a private ambulatory job. Apply everywhere and keep your options open because one day, someone out there will want you. Meanwhile, I am working and still searching for a hospital job so I'd suggest you take anything for now to get your foot in the door. I have friends who worked at nursing homes for about 3 months and end up getting a hospital job. Try it, you'll get the experience you need and will have something extra to add to your resume.
  3. mochamocha

    New grads can't get jobs afraid of becoming an old new grad.

    hang in there, I was a new grad from may 2009 and found a job 2 months ago. Don't give up, you'll find something and someone out there will want you; they just haven't found you yet.
  4. mochamocha

    Nurses, I need advice

    i would suggest taking the LPN classes. you can still go to college and become an RN and while you're at it, you can try working at the hospital as part-time. When you graduate from college, you'll already have the LPN experience and that will help when you apply for any RN jobs for the future.
  5. mochamocha

    What are some unique, non-acute RN jobs?

    aww that's no fun!!!
  6. Do any of you work at unique fields in nursing? I've seen job postings and saw positions like Infertility nurse, cosmetic surgery, medical spa nurse, IV infusion nurse... etc. I thought these were very interesting and was wondering if there are any more? I love exploring options and I'm aiming towards less acute settings for the future... I already know bedside is not for me but I'm sticking with it for now.
  7. mochamocha

    New York Presbyterian New Grad Program?

    you will automatically get into the "new grad" program when you get hired for a position. what they want you to do is apply online for positions and if they want to consider you, they'll call you in for interview.
  8. mochamocha

    where to get malpractice insurance

    s yes but I would get it anyway regardless of requirement. I've previously used NSO and recently saw another malpractice company on Nursing Spectrum but I forgot to write it down before I threw it away. That is why I wanted to know if anyone else use other companies :)
  9. mochamocha

    where to get malpractice insurance

    Where else can I buy malpractice insurance for RNs aside from NSO? Just curious
  10. mochamocha

    Can You Ask for More?

    I'd suggest doing some research on avg. salary for nurses in SC .... that way if you negotiate (only do this if you have an offer), then you'll have an idea of what you're really worth. I don't live in SC but if the interviewer asks me what salary I'm looking for I'll just respond with "Whatever is fair for a new grad and having done some research, I know how much my degree worth" and then you can switch it around and ask "What is the range that you're offering?" but anyway, it's hard to get a job nowadays ...and if this is a job with great experience to build from you should just take it :)
  11. mochamocha

    Am I stupid for giving this up?

    I agree. Having a balance in life is very important. Sounds like the clinic job will suit you well. Who knows? You might end up loving it and grow within the practice... and then you can bring those experiences on to another facility in the future. I've known several people who started out in the clinic as new grad and after years of experience, they were still able to get a hospital job. Volunteer at hospital on weekends if you can and start making connections for the future. :)
  12. mochamocha

    new grad looking for work with limited resources

    why not volunteer at a hospital in the meantime? Your pharm tech experience is still "work experience". I would emphasize what you've done in clinical during nursing school :)
  13. mochamocha

    Three-page resume

    well, you have many years of experience so 3 pages is appropriate :) good luck! what is your dream job?
  14. mochamocha

    did i just ruin my career at 21

    Are you kidding me? You are young and have full scholarship to get your BSN. You have made the best choice to resign and to advance yourself. When you come out with your BSN, you will have a great future :) don't beat yourself up!!
  15. mochamocha

    New Grad starting out at SNF?

    sry... what is SNF?