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LaterAlligator has 2 years experience and specializes in geriatrics, dementia, ortho.


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  1. LaterAlligator

    What nursing specialty interests you the most for the future?

    I've just finished my first year so I know there's more to be exposed to, but I like wound/ostomy care so far. I enjoyed the NICU which surprised me, and disliked L&D And ER, which was no surprise.
  2. LaterAlligator

    CNA during school

    Where I live, you have to put in a year as a LTC CNA before getting a job in the hospital, basically always. I think it's worthwhile. I'm in a 2 year ADN program now, after several years as a CNA, and my program doesn't require students to be certified as nursing assistants first anymore. We just took our ATI fundamentals assessment and our cohort on the whole was below national averages in the "basic care and comfort" category of questions. Those are the things you want to be able to do in your sleep, so that you can concentrate on the stuff you can only learn in nursing school. I did well on the exam and was thankful to have worked as a CNA. I think it really is helpful even though it's hard.
  3. LaterAlligator

    ATI Learning Assessment Information Please!!

    I'm in the 3rd quarter of my first year of a 2 year ADN program, and we just did the ATI Fundamentals assessment. I thought it was helpful, especially because we did some practice tests on the ATI website and have these ATI books for different topics (ie OB, Med Surg, etc.). I don't know about the more advanced ATI assessments because we haven't gotten there yet.
  4. I work 2 12-hour shifts per week while in nursing school as a CNA. If I could afford to just do school I would even though I'm getting experience & like my coworkers a lot. School is tough!
  5. LaterAlligator

    CNA before RN?

    I've been a CNA for about 5 years now, and continue to work as one at my local hospital while I'm in my ADN program. I find that my experience has been incredibly helpful with school so far. Also, one of the only ways to get hired at my hospital as a new grad nurse is by working there in a different role first to build up seniority. I say go for it! And expect your time in LTC to be hellish. It's a trial-by-fire but you'll learn prioritization and speed quickly.
  6. LaterAlligator

    you know you're a CNA when...

    You can mentally juggle and prioritize the needs of 10+ patients, and plan your route around the unit accordingly (including knowing which ones will try to flag you down even if you're carrying a heavy food tray and bag of trash, so you detour in order to avoid their path!).
  7. LaterAlligator

    2014 Wage Survey For CNAs, Medical Assistants, HHAs, PCTs: Post Here!

    Job title:CNA Location: Washington State rate of pay: $15.15/hr, originally hired at $11.47 differentials:yes, more on eve shift, night shift, and weekends. shifts usually worked 12 hour day shifts from 0700-1930 current specialty: Ortho years of experience: 5 employment status:part time (24 hours per week, which is my facility's minimum to be eligible for benefits. career goals currently enrolled in a 2 year ADN-RN program :)
  8. I'm just finishing my first quarter of nursing school & can see potential for strong friendships with a few of my classmates. I tend to be kind of private and slow to open up, so part of me was worried that everyone would have jelled into cliques by the time I was comfortable enough to talk to people. So far everyone still seems to be open, but I think we're getting to the stage where people may drop out or fail out
  9. LaterAlligator

    "For Profit" vs. "Non Profit" employers?

    The biggest difference I've seen is in Union jobs vs. Nonunion jobs, regardless of the profit status of the organization. At my nonunion jobs I've had them try to force me to pay for my own mandatory Ed. (despite them saying it'd be provided in my orientation) and work there 5 years before being eligible for health insurance. I would never work nonunion again.
  10. I work 24 hours a week and go to school full time, but no kids. Do what you gotta do!
  11. LaterAlligator

    Duty Shoes for Nursing School

    I like the Skechers workwear line, they fit the bill and are cheaper :) Danskos have very firm soles and seem crazy uncomfortable to me.
  12. LaterAlligator

    The most annoying student

    Jeez, and I thought the guy in my cohort was bad! All I can say is maybe when he fails at things, take that schadenfreude as some stress relief for yourself. And figure out which specific traits of his are alienating everyone so you can be sure to assess yourself for them. That's what I've done with my jerk classmate so far, and it's helped me some.
  13. LaterAlligator

    School and Work

    I'm doing it, because I have to, financially. I'm taking 13 credits, it's my first quarter in my ADN program. And I work 24 hours per week at the hospital as a CNA, two 12 hour shifts every weekend. It's possible but difficult. Good luck!
  14. LaterAlligator

    Difficult Conversation re need for bathing

    I second what's been said here; most confused people are afraid of showering, I don't know why that is but it's definitely a hallmark of Alzheimer's. With really, really difficult patients, I've resorted to "accidentally" spilling water on them, apologizing profusely (sometimes I'll say it was coffee or juice to increase the incentive to get it cleaned off) and then while apologizing, shepherded them into the bathroom to change their clothes and whipped out at least a partial sponge bath while they're in-between clothing changes. If they're combative and likely to be really mad at you for "accidentally" spilling on them, coordinate with someone else to be the one who gets them fixed up afterwards. But do it right then and there while it's still in their head what happened. The other thing that works wonderfully is getting an order for PRN xanax or ativan to premedicate them for bathing. I'm not saying that for your run-of-the-mill resistive patients, just the ones who really refuse or fly off the handle.
  15. LaterAlligator

    Are all CNAs mean

    I try to remember to be nice to the nursing students who come in to do their clinicals on my floor at the hospital, but it can be very frustrating to have to follow them around to be sure they didn't do something that compromised my patients' safety, especially when I have 14 patients and they're helping an RN with 3-4 patients. One took my patient to the bathroom and didn't put her oxygen back on, and my patient was satting 68% by the time I got in there. I'm sure I was a little terse in my greeting and my phone call to that RN "Your patient is desatted down in the 60's how many liters per minute do you want her on?". I know everyone can make mistakes, but you still don't want to see the patients you're responsible for caring for get hurt because someone else is brand new and mistake prone.
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