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  1. Thanks! There are actually a few local accelerated BSN programs, but all require a large list of pre-reqs i would have to take...ADN would get me working as an RN quicker (hopefully). Anyone out there made a similar transition?
  2. Well actually I wouldn't really consider the program cheap, its just cheaper... My RN friend (who works at the hospital) said her hospital is hiring, and this particular school has a strong affiliation with the hospitals. I'm hoping I don't run into this problem, but I am looking at this as more of a long term career change (countrys health care needs continue to grow)
  3. Hello Everyone: Thanks for reading my post and all advice, insight and encouragement is welcomed! Let me start off by giving a little background about myself: I graduated from college in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science I've been working for 6 years as an Auditor for several different large account firms in NYC (always lots of turnover within these organizations) For about the last 2 years I can't shake the feeling that I can't bare to do this for another 35 years, I need something more fulfilling and I've always had this attraction to nursing, I want to help people, and find the human body to be fascinating. Last year around this time my job laid me off do to the recession. I saw this as my opportunity to make the career change I had been thinking about. So I applied to the local ADN program (no pre-reqs required, they are built into the program) and received my acceptance letter last weekend. I originally wanted to get the BSN because i know down the road this would open other doors if I decided i wanted to go after an MSN BUT all the accelerated BSN programs had 10 or more pre-reqs required which would have taken at least a year and probably would have been more like 2 years before i actually started the BSN program. A close friend of mine said this is nothing to stress over, she did exactly what im attempting to do and took the ADN program which she absolutely loved the school. The two major local hospitals will pay for their RN's to continue their education (up to 2 classes a semester) so I was thinking this was the best approach since the ADN program would be complete in 20 months and I could slowly peice meal my BSN degree for free while I work. I was hoping there are other individuals on this site that have some advice and encouragement as well as some RN's that have already completed what I'm attempting to do. Thanks!!