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DizzyLizzyNurse has 12 years experience and specializes in Peds Medical Floor.

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  1. DizzyLizzyNurse

    New RN...Am I being under paid???

    I live in western NY and it's $28-$29/hour for new grads where I work.
  2. DizzyLizzyNurse

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Wanna pick up tonight or tomorrow? No bonus though.
  3. I love this!!
  4. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    As long as she continued to be a asymptomatic she'd be welcome to come stay with me.
  5. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    THIS!! Notice this is a nurse. Not a doctor (or man!). There is a dr in my area who made news because he's going right back to work after being in Sierra Leone. Why isn't the media following him around and demanding his quarantine? If I hear one more person say, "If she'd only just do it...." Ugh
  6. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Ebola Nursing Survey: to Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

    IDK where you live but I live in NY and I assume weather conditions are similar in NJ. If you want to live outdoors in a tent without heat (when it's been in the 40s and 50s with rain) and no running water, be my guest. She could live with me as long as she was asymptomatic. Do you realize you could sit in a room surrounded by Ebola positive people and not catch Ebola as long as they are asymptomatic? The worst thing I've seen written about her was some gentleman who said she should be shot and her body burned and someone actually liked it. I hope she'll be ok. People are paranoid and crazy.
  7. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Cops and Nurses

    I have been pulled over twice in scrubs (in 12 years…give me a break ) and both times I was allowed to go. I got a speeding ticket when I was 16….that's it. And I'm polite when they pull me over.
  8. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    You can always ask who they are. If someone is rude, make a complaint along with their name and who they work for. In the hospital I work at, every new admission is given a small packet explaining what a head nurse is, RN, LPN, NA, intern, attending, etc is and what each does. There are pictures of all the pediatric interns explaining their name and title. It's a very nice little set up. How horribly sad. I stayed away from the dentist for a couple of years due to a mean dentist who told me to "Quit yelling. They can hear you in the waiting room" when I was yelling because the novacaine wasn't working during a root canal. I did some homework and found a very nice dentist who specializes in people afraid of the dentist and who will sedate someone if that's what it takes to get them to come get their dental work done.
  9. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Nurse or ninja?

    I have my job listing on my FB page as registered ninja.
  10. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Why did you decide to be a nurse?

    I went to college straight out of high school to be an elementary school teacher. I was not mature enough for school and never went to class, so I dropped out with a D average. I went to work as a CNA because it paid well, especially with OT and I needed to pay off my student loans. I had no idea what nursing actually was until I saw it at the nursing home. The nurses there encouraged me to go to school so I did. I got my LPN, then my ASN. Right now I'm going for my BSN and wondering if I should try something else. I wanted to go into something with peds or maternity nursing so bad but now that I'm doing what I worked for so hard and am still not happy I'm wondering if I should try something else.
  11. Hello! Just a disclaimer, I am not looking to start a BSN vs ASN argument. Ok I have an ASN in nursing. I have been a practicing RN for 3 years and was an LPN for 6 years before that. I decided to go for my BSN due to having such a tough time finding a job after graduating despite my experience. I am taking online classes and this is my first semester. Ok, the trouble I am having is that I find the classes...well, lame. They would have been helpful when I was still in school, but this is all stuff I have already learned on the job. I already have some attitude against going back to school since it will not result in a promotion, raise, or even a change on my name tag (just your job title, not education, is listed). The classes are ridiculously easy and I find I am getting angrier and angrier because I feel like I am wasting my time and money. I barely do any work and have all A's. This may sound great, but it ticks me off. If I am going to get a bachelor's degree in something that will not result in a promotion or raise, I wish I could go for something more interesting like Art or a foreign language or something that people say you "shouldn't" go for since the job outlook isn't great. (I already have a job so it wouldn't matter. ) I also toy with the idea of leaving nursing for something else (I've been in the nursing field since I was 19 and now I'm in my 30's), so it would be good to have some other education so I'd have more choices. My only problem is I'm worried that if I ever want to go back to school for my NP (an idea I've toyed with as well) I'm afraid a school will look at my transcripts and decide I'm not serious since I don't have a BSN. I know you can get a bachelor's in something else, then an ASN, and they will admit you. I've read the acceptance criteria for MSN/NP programs and they only say a Bachelor's degree, plus stats. I'm just not sure about doing things reverse. Anyone have any experience with that? Or any words of advice? I really don't know what to do with myself and I'm wary of spendings $1000's and being stuck. Thank you!!!
  12. DizzyLizzyNurse

    The Hunger Games

    I've never heard of Qsymia. I will have to look it up. I was on Paxil for a year and a half. What a nightmare! Not only did it take me 6 months to wean myself off it when I started feeling robotic, but I put on 50 lbs the first 2 months I was on it!!! Then another 10 the rest of the time I was on it! I was starving all the time. I'd finish my bf's dinner, plus eat all of mine and be STARVING a few hours later.
  13. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Does your SO understand job stress?

  14. DizzyLizzyNurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I went to school with an Asma too. She was from Kashmir.
  15. DizzyLizzyNurse

    Bad Job Market? Be a NURSE! (Insert eye roll here)

    To get a job as an RN I had to go to another LTC that was connected to a hospital. I waited until I could transfer and I did but it took almost 2 years post graduation for me to get a job at a hospital. I put in a bid to transfer to peds and got it. Thank goodness I did! 2 day shift layoffs of RNs in my old floor and my old position was completely eliminated. Those part time nurses waiting to bid on my full time position are out of luck. So is the part time night nurse who literally finished her 12 week orientation and got laid off her first week. And I just wanted to say there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a nurse because it pays well. I've been in healthcare 12 years as a CNA, LPN, and RN. This job is too hard to do for peanuts!!!
  16. I alsi was thinking inpatient rehab. Please take care of this and please be careful!!! My mother was a nurse who lost her license years ago for drug diverting. She died of an overdose 2 years ago. I agree with the poster who said it sounds like you are in denial. Please take this seriously! GL.