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  1. jacksonvillelpn

    When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    I've worked in LTC, Rehab, ALF, but mostly memory care. Trust me when I tell you the residents may have dementia, but their families are DEMENTED! Just Tuesday, I spent 1.5 hours with the ED, DON, and a daughter complaining about Moms over-the counter compression socks not being put on and Dads urinal being left in the room. Trust me, I feel your pain. Turn them over to the ED...they get paid to deal with the crazies and families while you care for your other patients.
  2. jacksonvillelpn

    Nurses! Let's stand up and help the victims of Hurricane Harvey!

    According to another post I read, the Texas board of nursing will fast-track both LPNs and Rns.
  3. jacksonvillelpn

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Would you like to know where those young, inexperienced RNs are coming from, and why they are so compliant? They have spent the last month plus one week in a local nursing home, where they spent the first month in orientation, and the last week dumped into a rehab unit were they were asked to care for any where from 12 to 30 SUB-ACUTE rehab patients with IV antibiotics, g-tubes, wound vacs, and a plethora of high tech issues that the hospital dumped way too early. They RUN out the door with NO notice and head straight into the arms of your administrators, willing to offer them twice as much money( which is still nothing for hospital work) fewer patients, and a promise that their high acuity patients will shortly be shipped out to the nursing homes they just left. Thank Medicare, Obamacare, and your elected officials who 1) Know LESS THAN NOTHING about healthcare, 2) are in the back pockets of your administrators and 3) think they're getting top-of-the-line health care at Walter Reed. HaHaHa...we get the last laugh there, anyway.
  4. jacksonvillelpn

    Common nicknames for hospital items.

    Depending on the doctor, the cream containing Ativan, Benedryl and Haldol is either ABH, BAH, or HAB. I just call it Happy Cream. Seroquel, or quetiapine is Quiet Time, and Xanax is Vitamin X. Can you tell I work in the dementia unit?
  5. jacksonvillelpn

    LTC 101: What To Expect

    Excellent! Next Monday, I will celebrate my 3-year anniversary as a LTC nurse, and I have encountered every single situation except actually turning away an admission. Yes, that includes replacing a pulled-out g-tube with a foley...we don't even HAVE replacement kits. That gets done at the hospital. As far as family goes, I think I've known the spectrum: from those who are there every day and are actually helpful, to those I've met ONCE, and those who need the anti-psychotics they want us to give to their parent. I currently work in the dementia unit, and I swear some of their kids are certifiable! But I love my job and my residents, and have no plans to do anything else in the near future.
  6. jacksonvillelpn

    What's your favorite shift to work?

    I've been working 3-11 as a CNA part time/prn for the past 1 1/2 years and attending nursing school full time. Not a morning person...it was murder having to get up at 6:30 for school 2 days/week and 5:30 2 days for clinicals! Now that I've graduated and passed my NCLEX, I have been hired by another facility FULL TIME on 3-11, and I am thrilled! I'm going to have a longer drive, but if I were to stay at my current facility, I could only work PRN, which means any shift, with a lot of days...yuck!!
  7. jacksonvillelpn

    failed rn program, what are my options?

    Watch out for those private, for-profit schools...they will cost you an arm, a leg and your firstborn child, and you may have a problem finding a facility who will hire their graduates. Often times, cities on state borders will allow neighbors to cross the state line and attend on in-state tuition. Are there any schools in Jersey or Conneticut who might do that? Also, consider how far along in the program you were when you failed...early, middle, or late? Consider the financial investment and how much more you are willing to spend. If you were on student loans, you should probably speak to a student loan officer before preceeding further. Good luck!
  8. Don't let the material overwhelm you. The human body is a very logically put-together, all be it complicated, machine. If you are having trouble learning a system, google it. You will find web sites that give short, lay-person explanations that help to sort out the medical language. Once you see the big picture, you can start focusing on the finer points. For example, the heart is a pump...just that simple. Learn the flow of blood through the body...it goes in a perfectly logical sequence. Once you figure that out, then you can start to look at what happens when the heart doesn't work right. Sometimes, if you are in the middle of a class and completely lost, go back to the fundamental working of the organ and then work your way back to what was being covered in the lecture. I had to do that on MANY OCCASIONS, even though I had a BS in Biology and was making straight A's. I'd be totally lost. Hang in there, study, and think logically. Once you get the logic down, then you can start mastering the critical thinking. I just took and passed my NCLEX, so trust me when I tell you that that is the most important skill you have to master. Good luck. (Need to figure out how to change my online name. Just got a full time job as an LPN, so I'm not just a new student any longer)
  9. jacksonvillelpn

    My CNA Cert a waste of time?

    I don't know about Ca, but here in Fl it seems that everybody wants at least a year's experience. Or, you have to know somebody who knows somebody. Don't be afraid of nepotism if that's all you have to get your foot in the door. Also, have someone look over your resume...your local unemployment, job, or worksource office should have someone, or try your school's placement office. Maybe it just needs a little "bling". Good luck!
  10. Ok, as my name tells all, I may not be in the right ball park here, but I did just pass nutrition this spring, and I've raised 2 teenagers, so here goes: Since you can't officially diagnose as having anorexia, and you don't have an existing relationship with her, you need to establish some sort of ground you can work from. Since she's sure she's fat and insists on continuing to diet, could you suggest the use of supplements to improve her nutrition. They have no calories, but they would help address the dull hair and other symptoms of malnutrition. You could also suggest that she make an appointment with her family doctor to establish a "healthy diet plan". That would help to satisfy Maslow as well as put yourself in a positive light with the girl by being "on her side" and help you develop a caring relationship with her. Then go to her parents, discuss counseling, etc.