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  1. Danielle318

    6 SATA & Good Pop FINALLY

    Thanks & honestly it wasn't as hard as the first 3 only because Remar prepared me very very well. Everything except 2 questions came from Remar. i had 6 SATA & the rest were multiple choice no math, no hot spot, no ordered response. That's why i knew I had failed. Afterwards I went to the car & cried! My brother text me with the good pop up (he checked before I did) & said I'm so proud of.
  2. Danielle318

    6 SATA & Good Pop FINALLY

    Took NCLEX RN Thursday 112 questions & got the good pop! I'm still in a state of shock. I graduated in 2010 & have taken NCLEX 3x. I tried Kaplan had awesome scores still failed. Hurst failed! ATI failed. This time I used Remar Review & OMG it finally just clicked for me.
  3. Danielle318

    took nclex 14x still failed

    Wow @ this negative forum. Why hasn't this forum been closed?
  4. Danielle318

    nclex third timers only please

  5. Danielle318

    Taking NCLEX-PN again :( Any words of encouragement?

    I understand where you're coming from. I graduated in Dec 2010 & have failed nclex twice. I wish you the best if luck. You can do it. Don't be so hard on yourself & keep praying.
  6. Danielle318

    Took NCLEX-RN on 2/4/13

    CONGRATULATIONS! Please share study tips
  7. Danielle318

    Is it voodo or curse

    Please remember, God helps those who help themselves and that includes being humble to realize you need more help and seeking out the opportunities to learn even if you don't want to (I.e., refresher course or tutor).AWESOME advice once I humbled myself & realize I didn't know everything I thought everything started coming together. I'm working with someone who doesn't even have a degree in Nursing but knows strategies & critical thinking skill for standardized test & he's helping me TRENENDOUSLY
  8. Danielle318

    Is it voodo or curse

    I will definitely pray for you.Would you even consider a refresher or is it totally out the question? I know you said you know content but a refresher just may help or is there a class or teacher in your area that could teach you strategies? Also are you planning to retest soon.
  9. Danielle318


  10. Danielle318

    Graduated in May.. passed the nclex!

  11. Danielle318

    Registered Nurse! I passed!! :D

  12. Danielle318

    TAKING NCLEX @ 8am!!!!

    Good luck
  13. Danielle318

    Took NCLEX today....

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it
  14. Danielle318

    Hurst vs Kaplan Nclex Review??

    I'm doing both. I say if possible use Hurst for content & Kaplan for questions & strategies.
  15. Danielle318

    Took NCLEX today....

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm testing end of February or March. I'm doing Kaplan for questions & will be using Hurst for content. I have the Saunders book but it's so overwhelming. I suck with EKG's. Any advice on how to study these?
  16. Danielle318

    Took NCLEX today....

    Wow thanks for the inspiration & CONGRATULATIONS.

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