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  1. apoppyfield

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    A woman had a baby next to a gas pump yesterday and named the baby Valero! Just kidding although it would be appropriate.
  2. apoppyfield

    California Training Benefits Program / Unemployment

    Not so easy to contact EDD because they have a toll free number which is endlessly busy. If you are a part of a large layoff, your employer will most likely coordinate with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) people. Talk to your Human Resource person and find out if there will be a WIA counseler you can meet with. WIA can coordinate with EDD to certify whether your program qualifies for California Training Benefits. You still have to wait until you are laid off, apply for UIB, and go through a hearing process to get approved. It can take several weeks.
  3. apoppyfield

    Why am I a B student?

    Does it really matter if you are getting Bs or As in nursing school? What is important is to be consistently learning/improving your skills in NS and then passing the NCLEX. Too much emphasis is on grades. We really learn how to be a nurse once we're working anyway. Oh, and as previously mentioned, what you learn is cemented in your brain when you get a good night's sleep... so "don't let the bed bugs bite!!"
  4. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    I'm going to the one in Sonora.
  5. apoppyfield

    Need help picking a school? ARC or MJC?

    Hi 1DAYRN, I couldn't resist replying to your post. I opted out of a BSN program I was supposed to start in August (1 1/2 hour away) because I got accepted to a school 15 minutes from my home. You know which one!! I live a mile from one of my new (and old) schoolmates and she'll be a great study partner. The biggest issue for me was I didn't want to be isolated from my family school, and study partners, which I would have been had I gone to my first school. You have to consider what these factor "cost" you. BTW, did you realize that it's about as hard to get into ARC as to Harvard. Congratulations. Yes, ARC is a very good school and the big advantage I see is you will do your clinicals at BIG hospitals in Sac. Really you will see very complex cases and should not miss the opportunity to work in the big city. You want to go to school where you want to live so you will get a job there, right? (Think big picture) Plus ARC just got $5m in stimulus to improve your program. Good luck with your decision, I know how painful it can be.
  6. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    I just called the office and it worked out all right. They're going to let me wear the Dove uniforms. I hope they look the same. So much for being a self-starter. So far it's not really helping me out in NS!
  7. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    Great.. just one more thing to stress me out today. I already bought my uniforms from Dove. I can't even bear to call the office.
  8. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    I got mine today... still so much to do!
  9. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    IDAYRN, It's much better that you will be close to home for so many reasons. Good luck.
  10. apoppyfield

    What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    Hi Cillianos, Please let us know how your interview went. I'm not ready to apply, but am following this post. I have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for, but would appreciate your current input.
  11. apoppyfield

    Anyone Applying to Delta College for Spring 2011

    The chances of getting into ARC are about the same as getting into Harvard, except it's a lottery so even the best student has an equal small chance. I got into Delta the first time because of their merit based admissions. If you meet the criterias, it puts you in a good spot.
  12. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    Meeee, relaxed??? I'm just coping. haha. This long wait has been tortuous. I ran into one of the Columbia students this morning who said s(he) hasn't even had time to read the test taking book. I asked if the DVD was useful and s(he) hadn't even opened it up. That kinda makes me feel better. If we make good use of this time, we won't feel so out of control. Can't wait to meet you guys at orientation. We are going to be great!
  13. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    Yeah, they're not in a big hurry to get them out, so ya gotta find things to keep your mind occupied. I got most of my books and am purusing through them. I guess they will be changing up some books for the newer editions. I got the big MedSurg Assessment book. The first 10 chapters is common knowledge, then it gets into systems. It would be nice to know how they break up the reading, but I haven't been able to get my hands on a weekly class assignment.
  14. apoppyfield

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    Is anyone at MJC using the 2-volume set of the Med-Surg Nursing: Assessment of Clinical problems book? I thought I ordered the 1 vol set, but the 2 vol set arrived in the mail. It looks like the book is just divided for convenience because the book is so honking big. I'd appreciate any advice you have on this.