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  1. Novo

    Moving to San Antonio

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I've had a couple of offers but it's clear now which I'm going to with. I'll be paying it forward on this forum. Thanks again!
  2. Novo

    Moving to San Antonio

    Hello! I was hoping some nurses in SA could offer some advice in terms of pay. I recently accepted a job for $27 with $3-4 diff on nights. I've been a nurse for around 3 years now and I figured that was on the low side of pay. I currently make $38 base but I was told by the recruiter that COL is quite low and this seems to be true from what I've read. Although it seems mid 20's base is really hard to stomach. I've looked at upscale apartments and they seem to be $1100-1500 which is pretty inline with that I currently pay. Where else am I saving money? I would take home 4k a month where I currently gross closer to 5.5k although in a high COL state. This does seem like a good opportunity however I don't want to move and find out COL actually isn't that much different. I would be moving from across the country. I feel like I am being low-balled. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. Novo

    Feeling disrespected and unsupported :(

    I like this guy, let's give him a promotion.
  4. Novo

    Get Over Yourself

    I don't understand what the issue is? If they think they deserve a raise it's fully reasonable to ask for one.
  5. Novo

    UNE in Alberta, Covenent Health questions

    I work as a UNE currently, it's a very independent gig. The first few weeks were very rough as many staff don't know or understand the role of a UNE. Most think you've actually graduated. Once they understood my role it was alot easier to ask for help or get some direction/advice. I'm going onto casual at the end of this summer. Technically, you're also not suppose to be considered as staff but I've been called in to replace sick calls. The best advice I can give you is to be firm with everyone on the unit as to what you can or cannot do. I put a giant poster outlining what needs supervision and what doesn't on the back of the break room. I think it's helped.
  6. Novo

    Impact of RN cuts at your workplace?

    Why pay an RN $45-50 when you can pay an LPN for a fraction of the cost to do most of the same duties? Seems like a no brainer to me. RNs should start marketing themselves with a different skillset. The video you posted is also borderline propaganda. Anyone can make medication errors, LPN or RN.
  7. Novo

    lossing interest with my current OHN career

    Why are you surprised with the treatment you're getting when that part of the world has almost zero regard for employee safety? I'm actually quite surprised they even have your position considering that workers are practically slaves over there. Try to apply overseas I'm sure you'll be much more valued.
  8. Novo

    Stenberg College

    ^ Another shill, lol.
  9. Novo

    Alberta Job Situation

    Everyone has gripes with foreign workers taking priority over locals but your post reeks of entitlement. Even if they get manage to get a license they still have to jump through all the hops i.e interviewing, orientation like everyone else. You either have a very poor resume or weak interviewing skills so don't blame foreign workers for your ineptitude in finding a job. Furthermore, it sounds like you graduated from Canada and went to the States for work, by your deranged logic you shouldn't be stealing their jobs. The system wants needs/wants the best nurses, if foreign trained nurses are better than you than boo-hoo you need to upgrade your skills or learn to write a better resume. I suggest you take what you can get be it LTC or get used to eating fried beans out of a can for awhile.
  10. Novo

    Registered psychiatric nursing to next level.

    University of Brandon offers Masters in Psych Nursing, though I've never heard of a Psychiatric NP.
  11. Geez, do you have anything positive or encouraging to say? The above poster posted a very grim picture. I'm not an RN yet but I work in a hospital (get paid) I know it's not that bad. Your experience largely depends on the unit culture among other things and it sounds like Fiona works in a toxic one. Yes, it's a bit of a gamble but I'd go for the full 4 years, think of it as an investment. LPNs also have a terrible union that knows nothing about nursing.
  12. i mean enjoy first year while you can, it might seem hard but it's a breeze compared to 2nd and 3rd year.
  13. newbies don't know about 3rd year lol
  14. Uhhh.....ICU is direct hands on care..
  15. Looks like this is going to make RNs obsolete in SK. Instead of whining and moaning they should market themselves as irreplaceable and push themselves into a new market, one distinct from the role of the LPN. Two years of the degree program feels like the LPN program the other 2 years are a huge waste, some community, leadership and a few electives. The fact that you can do nursing a nursing "after-degree" program in two years and come out as an RN also speaks to how much unnecessary fluff there is in the degree. They should change the curriculum for RNs to include things that require true critical thinking like diagnosing and prescribing at an entry level. They could even take an administration path for the RNs. Just anything to make themselves distinct. Sure the physcians won't be happy but everyone wants a piece of the pie and having two levels of nurses who do nearly the exact same thing is redundant and a colossal waste of resources.
  16. What are you smoking, 80% is considered a B+/A- not borderline failing. It's not easy to get an A in a nursing class, thats for sure. You must be American where grade inflation is rampant.