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  1. amandeepkaur

    I finally PASSED..5x charm..

    congrats i m very happy for you,i m lurching in this from many years....
  2. amandeepkaur

    nclex experience

    i m in the same boat guys feeling devastated ,nowhere a loser:notworthy:.doing saunders now.
  3. amandeepkaur

    Don't give up!

    same here @ Hadassah16 i am in the same boat ,LETS go all together and win that battle
  4. amandeepkaur

    Passed with 75.

    hi bhumipatel i m from punjab.thanks for asking where you from?
  5. amandeepkaur

    Passed with 75.

    hi congrats well said
  6. amandeepkaur

    Passed NCLEX on 4th Attempt!!!!

    congrats rn
  7. amandeepkaur

    davis's q&a for nclexrn

    hi allnurses i need help ...can anyone tell me if this is a good book or not?bcoz my exp is very bad,1 my scores were good with other review but this one kind of put me down.what is your all opinion?.thanks
  8. amandeepkaur

    helpful review links

    thanks RN
  9. amandeepkaur

    passed! using only kaplan

    congrats RN .really happy for you great post.i like the last part ,,,that's true it is content! if u know it u get ur license right.that's what i figured out after getting medal of failure.thanks
  10. amandeepkaur

    Failed nclex for the 3rd time.

    @patrickleevill as far as i know you can take as many time as you want in NY board,they do not have any issues like 3 times or so on limit.good luck yeah one more thing their eligibility does not have any time bound .and its much better to take remedial course.all the best.
  11. amandeepkaur

    Passed NCLEX, what I did. Thanks to the allnurses community.

    congrats great work
  12. amandeepkaur

    If I can, you can. 75 Questions.

    congrats RN .
  13. amandeepkaur

    After the longest 49 hours ever, I'm now an RN!

    congrats, inspiring story and so true like your views:yes:
  14. amandeepkaur

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    WELL said THANKS for showing the way .
  15. amandeepkaur

    LOW kaplan question trainers

  16. amandeepkaur


    right i told her same thing.