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  1. BacktotheBeach

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    He's discharged!!!!!!!
  2. BacktotheBeach

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Be careful when choosing, I believe only the course offerings under the RN-BSN classes can be taken for the same fee schedule. If you take other OU classes they cost significantly more per credit hour.
  3. BacktotheBeach

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Hi all, I have a couple general questions about OU's program. Once you start, must you take a course every 5 weeks, or can you stop and start as your schedule allows? Is it an option to take the courses in 10 week blocks? Do you decide which one you want at the beginning or can you switch between the 5 and 10 week sessions? The above post mentioned NRSE 370 J for the junior comp requirement, does anyone know if that will be available online? thanks!
  4. BacktotheBeach

    Does your school require you to do work over the summer?

    My program goes summer quarter, which is bad in itself. Then we have about a month off in between summer and fall quarters. We have a lot of homework to complete in that 1 month off!! My brain needs a rest! I would really hate to have my progress tracked.
  5. BacktotheBeach

    Test Questions: When to call the doctor?

    I think those side effects that are severe- or irreversible like the hearing loss or life threatening like respiratory depression with opiod analgesics etc. would warrant stopping the med immediately. I can think of a few test questions I've had like this. Another couple that popped into my head are pitocin during L & D and Mag Sulfate, you would stop if certain things started happening. Hope this helps a little bit!
  6. BacktotheBeach

    Nurse/Student ratio at clinicals

    We were told we work under our instructor's license, therefore she/he must be there for most things we do. She has the responsibility if a mistake were to happen. If it is something we have been checked off on and done independently she will let us do it without her. I don't see how the licensing/responsibility would work if you were working with various floor nurses. They don't know exactly what has been covered in your program at any specific point. Also we must do everything 'by the book', I would think random floor nurses would all do things a little differently.
  7. BacktotheBeach

    Suggested Nursing exam help Books

    I would start with the Davis Success series, the first one is called Test Success by Vitale and Nugent. This book teaches you how to think and get to the root of the questions. It is a great beginning book. As you get into more specialized areas, I really like Saunders so that will help alot. You can do the questions that apply to what you are studying and they are really helpful!
  8. Also, if I am not 100% sure of the answer, I skip it, circle it and go back to it. Lots of times when I go back to it, I can easily get the answer. Either another question has triggered some info in my brain, or I can just better eliminate the wrong ones. I also do exactly what the above poster mentioned. I am not getting A's consistently.
  9. BacktotheBeach

    dosage calculations

    this website is wonderful for all kinds of practice problems and explanations. http://www.dosagehelp.com/
  10. BacktotheBeach

    100% on my exam and it wasn't exciting... :(

    I just got a 100% last week on a test in OB and no one can believe it either. Ended up with a 98% for OB and am feeling really good about it. I also use a variety of NCLEX study questions and they REALLY help.
  11. BacktotheBeach

    The future of hand washing?

    Funny, my Med Surge lecturer talked about 'sleep hygiene'!!
  12. BacktotheBeach

    Pharmacology Help

    Make your own flashcards, actually drug cards for the particular drugs you are learning. Learn the drug classes, and the prototype for that class of drugs. I have Pharm Phlash (drug flashcards) and it's good, but I learned better by making my own.
  13. BacktotheBeach

    Fundies is killing me

    For me it did get easier. You will learn how the questions work. I am now in my 3rd quarter (OB) and getting the best test scores ever. I wasn't sure I could do it after Fundamentals either. I also came from a non medical background. Got a B- in Fund, managed an A in Med Surge and am headed for an A in OB. I strongly suggest you get several NCLEX books. As you proceed through the program, do the applicable sections in your books. It really focuses you in on what's important!!! I have Saunders and Prentice Hall Review and Rationales and a Mosby one. Med Surge Success was also a lifesaver for that quarter. The rationales teach your brain to think NCLEX style questions.
  14. BacktotheBeach

    Mixed Emotions About Nsg School

    My 2 cents--it is GOOD for your kids to see you doing this. You are setting a wonderful example for them everyday by furthering your education. It also can teach them that they need to be responsible, even at first grade age, homework is not your job to do and turn in. A little nudging, yes, but kids can do this! Mom of 4 :)
  15. BacktotheBeach

    What is included in a legit assessment?

    In my nursing school, we learned a head to toe assessment and it differs vastly from the textbook. It is the first thing we do on all patients assignments at the start of the day and it takes about 10 minutes and includes time for VS. There are lots of examples on YouTube and that is a great place to get an idea!