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    Need help with documenting

    Here's what I do from my head to toe charting info. I would get a book on Charting, like Made Incredibly Easy, it really helps. Alert & oriented x3, speech clear, cooperative and relaxed. Hair clean, slight dry. Thinning. No lesions on scalp. No tenderness reported. Face: skin color pink, no edema. PERLLA, 2mm. Wears glasses for reading. Conjunctiva pink bilaterally. Ears with wax buildup, no drainage. Wears hearing aides bilaterally. Able to hear whispered sentence at 3 feet. Nasal passages patent. No lesions or abnormal drainage. Lips and Mucous membranes pink and moist. No lesion redness or tenderness. Wears bottom dentures; no reports of discomfort. You would just change what is needed, for instance for normal, I would not mention the hearing aides... When you are charting about nails, note any clubbing, cap refill, color and texture.
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    Fluid/Electrolyte question

    I second the above info. I would definitely get Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy. It is a lifesaver! I think you will use it in the future, too. It breaks down lots of other tough concepts.
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    Technology for Nursing School

    You might get more responses in the mobile computing forum. There's actually a thread going on right now about Unbound Medicine. That is what I have and I love it. There are also lots of free apps that are great!
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    Anyone purchase Nursing Central app for their IPhone?

    I am a second quarter nursing student and I use Unbound Medicine constantly. It is well worth it!! Davis Drug and the Diseases and Taber's make it essential. Everyone comes to me to look stuff up, it is fast and easy and right there in your pocket!
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    About to leave nursing school

    Another thing that is keeping me going is that I don't have to work on a med surg floor if that is not my thing! There are many ways you can take this degree other than direct patient care. In fact, last week I had a surgery observation and absolutely loved it. I can see myself doing that.
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    About to leave nursing school

    This is great advice, and for me, you hit it right on the head. I would be running from something I am afraid of!!! I am afraid of this!!!
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    About to leave nursing school

    I could have written your post this morning. I am even the same age, got the same grades! But I actually liked the first quarter, now I am in the second and am completely miserable. It is Med Surg, the clinical teacher is demanding and unhelpful. I am doubting everything right now and have no idea how to proceed. Hang in there, I'm right there with you. :)
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    Care plan help please

    Why can't you do impaired phys mobility? That sounds exactly like the problem she has--related to her surgery and not getting up. Then your plan of attack is to get her moving-things like ROM, using side rails and trapeze to reposition herself in bed, a goal could be to start to ambulate her, have her assist with ADL's. Another good one would be risk for impaired skin integrity since she is lying in bed.
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    Any current coupon codes for Unbound Medicine or Skyscape?

    Sorry I don't have anything, it expired.
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    Awesome amazon.com deal for students - FREE Prime!

    Does anyone know if they will renew you every year that you are in school?
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    Will you share your favorite Pharmacology formulas with me?

    http://www.dosagehelp.com/ This website is awesome!! For more practice, this one is ok http://www.testandcalc.com/quiz/index.asp
  12. http://web.utah.edu/umed/courses/year2/pharm/study/ This might help.
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    Help with BP sounds?

    this site helped me learn what to listen for. http://www.abdn.ac.uk/medical/bhs/tutorial/q1.htm
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    Anyone got the Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN ebook?

    I saw on another thread, Kaplan has many nursing e books free this week, including Kaplan NCLEX review. You can put them on Ipods, Ipads etc. http://www.freekaplanebooks.com/
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    Free Kaplan Nursing eBooks (NCLEX, Math for Nurses, etc)

    this is fantastic!! Thanks for the heads up!
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    I like half.com and amazon.
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    Need help!! looking for Memory notebook of nursing CD

    I'm intrigued by these. Are they really helpful?
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    Purchasing a 2011 New Drug Guide Book for School. What do you Recommend?

    I like Davis a lot. I do not like Pearson, which my school suggests :)
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    ipod touch applications for clinical

    Also, I found a coupon code for Unbound Medicine which makes Nursing Central. 20% off with the code GIFT10 I got this app this fall for nursing school and am loving it! You also get the program on your computer with your log in name/password. It is so awesome for looking up meds/diseases quickly.
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    ipod touch applications for clinical

    Nursing central and Skyscape require you to renew every year. But Nurs Cent allows you to keep already downloaded content after your year is up. Skyscape deletes everything if you don't renew.
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    Giving Thank you gifts

    Our clinical group went in together and got a restaurant gift card for our instructor. I felt kind of weird about it, but no one else seemed to. The teacher seemed to really appreciate it.
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    What was your final like?

    Wow, mine is on Tuesday and I would be so excited if ANY questions were reused from the previous exams but I don't think it will happen. I am doing tons of NCLEX style questions and re reading all the notes. Ours is also 100 questions. I need 90% or better to get an A in this class, don't know if that's possible.
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    When Does Your Semester End?

    Quarters here not semesters. Today was the last day of lecture, Monday and Tuesday are the lab practical and the final exam. YAY! 1 quarter of nursing school down, 6 to go. I cannot wait for my break which lasts until January 3. Med Surge starts then.....
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    Your books....

    Half.com is great for used books, Amazon.com has new and used. I think with a student .edu email address you can get a special Amazon account that offers free shipping. It is called Amazon Prime, so check into that. You will definitely save big bucks buying online!!
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    Med Surg help?

    Hi all, just finishing up my first quarter of nursing school, and doing ok with an 89% heading into the final. Now I will have about a month off, and Med Surg is next...... What would be good to get myself ready for that? Do you recommend Med Surg Made Incredibly Easy, or something like Prentice Hall Reviews? What are the huge concepts I should be really familiar with? thanks for all input!