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  1. nurse_tate

    Daily log documentation, IEPs and health plans

    We used a single sign in sheet for the students to sign when they entered the office before we had them scan their ID's to sign in. We had a column for time in, grade, name, teacher, and time out. We have an "Emergency Health Form" each parent is to fill out. Before we went to computer charting, we would chart on the back of these. We still have the sub-nurses fill the back side out because they can not access the computers.
  2. nurse_tate

    Wait for info or make the call?

    I usually wait until the student comes in with s/s especially if the parents seem a bit odd. I have had students have surgery and return to school without any information for me. If I know a student has on going issues and hear something I will call to check on him/her. I will also call if I notice they are out for extended periods of time.
  3. nurse_tate

    How do you handle these?

    I will assess the injury and ask questions. If there is no s/s of infection or major injury, I will instruct on s/s of infection, cover if needed, send to class and/or call parent with any concerns.:redbeathe

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