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  1. In Puerto Rico LPN $1500. month, RN new grads $2000. and BSN or experienced $2500 a month and in the metro area someone told me its a little bit more.. http://www.lexjuris.com/LEXLEX/Leyes2005/lexl2005027.htm
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    nursing on the internet

    Hello everyone: My question is I have an associate degree in nursing. I graduated over 7yrs ago, and with problems at the time i did't take the exam for license here. The equivelant of the nclex in the states. Right now i am working and unable to take classes in the University. I would like to know if anyone here in Puerto Rico is taking any online classes as refresher course or for BSN. And how do clinical courses work out when taking this type of classes on the internet. Thank you in advance for any reply on this.:)

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